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The mid-century modern design movement was one that celebrated furniture for its practical qualities as well as its aesthetic appeal. While its origin may lie in the 20th century, the appeal of these vintage pieces remains strong in the here and now. The lure of mid-century modern is particularly apparent in lighting. While it is all too easy to write ceiling lights, lamps and sconces off as practical additions to a room, the fact is that they have the ability to completely change the way a space looks and feels with just the slightest shift in tone and brightness. Lighting can also be an attractive design statement in its own right, and that’s what the mid-century modern movement reflects. Take a look at the stunning collection of mid-century modern lighting available here at Vinterior and get inspired to light up your home

Why choose mid-century modern lighting?

The mid-century modern movement took its inspiration from across Europe, particularly the Bauhaus style that took hold in Germany and the minimalist designs coming from Scandinavia and Denmark. It acted as a brave response to the more decorative and ornate design movements of the 19th and early 20th century, which celebrated opulent designs with all the frills, bells and whistles attached. In contrast, the mid-century movement turned its attention back to the practicality and functionality of furniture designs, ensuring that form followed function and pieces were made to be durable, highly functional and exude quality at every turn.

Immaculate finishes, sleek lines, clean silhouettes and slim features are all synonymous with mid-century modern designs, including lighting from this era. There is also often a playful element to lighting fixtures from the mid-century, as sturdy materials like chrome and steel are placed against standout features like opaque glass, botanical forms and industrial elements. These allow the lights to act not only as highly functional room additions but as stunning design features in their own right.

Introducing mid-century modern lighting into your home

Mid-century modern lighting is as versatile as it is dynamic, meaning it’s easy to add it into your décor no matter your personal style. A set of wall sconces decorated with gilt faux bamboo can add a touch of whimsy to a more serious home office environment, while a stained-glass shaded floor lamp is a great way to draw focus and warmth to a certain section of your living room, creating a relaxing hub. A more contemporarily style mid-century pendant light makes a great addition to an open plan kitchen, giving an industrial edge which even today feels thoroughly modern.

Of course, mid-century lighting also brings elegance, making it perfect for the dining room. A starburst chandelier in the iconic Sputnik style is a way of bringing a touch of history to your dining room while keeping things contemporary with its metallic design.

Why shop for mid-century modern lighting with Vinterior?

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So no matter what your home needs, you’ll find it in our collection. Discover an irresistible range of mid-century modern lighting right here at Vinterior and get inspired today.