Mid Century Modern Dining Tables

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The dining table is one of those furniture items that should always command attention. This isn’t just a practical place to sit and eat, it’s a place where family celebrations, special events and dinner parties can all be enjoyed together in luxury surroundings. So, of course, choosing the right dining table for your dining room is absolutely vital. The perfect dining table is one that catches the eye with stunning luxury design while also being a practical, functional and durable piece of furniture. This is exactly what you get with mid-century furniture designs, which celebrate the coming together of form and function beautifully. But don’t just take our word for it – explore the stunning collection of mid-century modern dining tables right here at Vinterior and get inspired to transform your dining area into a truly luxurious space.

Why choose mid-century modern dining tables?

Mid-century modern furniture design really took off in the 1950s and lasted for the best part of the next two decades. It took a great deal of inspiration from Danish, Scandinavian and German Bauhaus designs from the time, which celebrated the simplicity of furniture in response to the more decorative and opulent design movements of the late 19th century and early 20th century. Instead of focusing on decoration and ornamentation, mid-century design instead chose to focus on function, ensuring that the form of a piece of furniture follows the function and not the other way around. As such, designs were simple, chic and finished to the highest possible standard, boasting high quality manufacture, durability and practicality.

This is certainly the case when it comes to the mid-century modern dining table. Designers and brands such as G Plan and Ercol cemented the sleek appeal of the mid-century movement with the use of traditional materials like solid wood alongside more modern elements like metallics and glass. Immaculate finishes, smooth lines and geometric elements are also synonymous with mid-century modern dining tables, creating pieces which feel right at home in any setting while also making the statement you want from your dining furniture.

There’s no shortage of different shapes or sizes when it comes to these dining tables. With function a key priority, most brands and designers created sizeable collections, ranging from rectangular pieces to oval to circular. Many of these tables also feature extending sections and drop leaf elements.

Introducing a mid-century modern dining table into your home

Of course, the obvious home for a mid-century dining table is in the dining room, taking centre stage. Try pairing your dining table with other mid-century furniture, such as dining chairs, for a cohesive look. Alternatively, it is often effective to mix and match styles and eras with older and more contemporary furniture items, so more traditional dining seating can contrast nicely against a mid-century dining table and more modern accessories.

A mid-century dining table in durable teak or rosewood can also be a great option for outdoor seating, especially if you have an outdoor area where you often like to impress friends, family and guests. The honeyed tones of the finished solid wood look fantastic against green leafy houseplants and other outdoor accessories.

Why shop at Vinterior?

Now you’ve been introduced to the world mid-century modern dining tables, it’s time to start getting inspired for your own home design, and Vinterior is the perfect place to do just that. We are the largest online marketplace for unique and premium furniture solutions, so start browsing through our mid-century modern items today and see what treasures you find.