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Finding a specific item or a rare piece of furniture can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. That is, until you discover Vinterior. Our online marketplace is designed to showcase the best boutiques, designers and sellers across the UK, as we sell their one-of-a-kind and characterful pieces on our online marketplace. All of these sellers have been given the Vinterior stamp of approval, including our mid-century desks. A mid-century modern desk is the perfect piece of furniture to bring your home office or even a corner of your living room to life. To see what we mean for yourself, check out our current listings and start planning your new study.

Why choose mid-century modern desks?

Mid-century furniture moves the focus of its designs to function more than form. Pieces from this era are highly durable and practical, serving their purpose beautifully while also standing the test of time thanks to solid wood materials and high quality manufacture. That’s not to say that these designs aren’t attractive however. In fact, the minimalist look of mid-century design is perhaps the most sought after style among “vintage” furniture hunters right now. This is perhaps because the simple sophistication of mid-century designs is compatible with a host of other themes – from coastal to industrial, shabby chic to Art Deco.

Mid-century modern desks were built with exceptionally durable wood. High quality options such as rosewood would be exquisitely protected and finished with lacquer, creating a sleek sheen which feels thoroughly modern. Straight edges may sometimes be swapped for curves such as hourglass-shaped legs but subtlety and simplicity always reign supreme with designs from this period. True to their era, these desks are also highly functional with spacious drawers and plenty of storage and surface space.

If you are considering bringing a mid-century desk into your home, look to the likes of G Plan and Ercol, brands that typically worked with woods such as teak and rosewood. However, you may also wish to consider pieces by Danish designers such as Arne Vodder or Arne Wahl Iversen. Often, instead of typical desks, these designers crafted multifunctional items of furniture such as writing bureaus that also featured ample shelving and drawers.

Introducing vintage mid-century modern desks into your home

Mid-century modern desks remain a fantastic choice for anyone wanting to improve a study or an office. They have a simplistic design that can be seamlessly added to furniture originating from a similar period to furniture made last week. A mid-century modern desk is a desk for life, thanks to its impressive ability to both stand out and stand the test of time, and any space in your home can benefit from this high quality addition.

Consider using a desk as the hub of your home workspace, and completing it with more modern accessories to bring it firmly up to date. Leafy plants, a modern lamp and one or two decorative ornaments can really make your mid century modern desk feel at home.

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Here at Vinterior, we are proud to feature an incredible array of mid-century furniture, including desks and writing bureaus. With more than a thousand trusted sellers across the UK, we are the leading online marketplace for antique, vintage, retro and upcycled furniture.

Start searching for your ideal mid century modern desk on our marketplace now. Our listings are frequently being updated with unique desks that will enhance any study or office, so there is always something new to discover. Browse our collection today and get inspired.