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Mid-century modern is a period in art history that spans the late 1940s to the early 1970s in very general terms. While there were many different and varied designs during the mid-century period through the Swinging 60s and into the 1970s, furniture was often typified by fluid shapes, crisp lines and minimal detail. Mid-century modern paintings and wall hangings encompass a wide range of different styles and themes, but typically they are characterised by their bold colours (especially primary colours) uncluttered lines and repetition of motifs, as well as a leaning towards abstract, de-romanticised themes and images. Whether you are looking for a painting, a wall hanging, ornaments, sculptures or homeware accessories in the style of mid-century modern, you’re sure to find the perfect item to complete your interior space on our online marketplace.

Mid-century modern art: a closer look

Two artists closely associated with this movement are Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock, although both had very unique styles and ideas behind their work. Warhol’s characteristic bright colours, references to pop culture and repetitive patterns differ from Pollock’s abstract expressionist efforts. One of the things which is fabulous about both these artists and the styles they adopted is their continued relevance to and versatility within the modern interior design scene.

Discover mid-century modern wall art from all over Europe in our vibrant online marketplace: from 1950s to French nudes to beautiful watercolour portraits, the distinctive, bold style of mid-century modern art adds depth and character to both the modern living space and the traditional home.

If you are looking for statement mid-century modern sculptures, choose original 1950s ceramic vases, which are cast in sleek, minimalist shapes with a splash of colour and heavily varnished surfaces and blown glass sculptures which still bear the marks of the previous Art Deco era, but with a more rustic and earthier feel to them.

Such is the quality of each and every original piece of art that the majority of them are in perfect condition to this day and can be used for practical reasons (as long as you’re careful with them), or for decorative purposes. Place on a display shelf or continue the mid-century vibe by placing on a classic Danish modern coffee table or G-Plan room divider.

Shop for mid-century modern art with Vinterior

People continue to want vintage and antique pieces for their homes so that they have something different from the majority of others and because, unlike modern mass-produced furniture, each piece has its own history and a story to tell. Like all forms of art, hanging a mid-century modern piece in your home should not only help to decorate a room but also stir your soul and provoke a response. Whether it’s bright and funky or sophisticated and compelling, finding the right piece of art should be an exciting and rewarding journey.

Thanks to the national network of more than a thousand sellers we have listed here at Vinterior, you will find a rich and varied range of modern art. And if you are looking for something that little bit older (or even newer), there’s nowhere better to hunt down a work of art than our online marketplace.

Don’t follow the crowd: get creative, get inspired and fill your home with items that truly reflect your style today.