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The mid-century modern period is said to have stretched from the 1940s right through until the early 1970s. The style is typified by a movement away from the grandeur, ostentation and ornamentation of previous decades in favour of a pared back approach. Mid-century modern marked a dramatic shift towards the minimalism which we favour in much of today’s interior design. The style featured crisp lines, fluid structures that blend organic with geometric shapes and, above all, a form that was driven by function, rather than just aesthetic appeal. Find a wealth of gorgeous original mid-century modern artwork, furniture and homeware accessories, as well as reproduction and upcycled pieces and fill your home with the unmistakable charm of 20th century vintage from our online marketplace.

Features of mid-century modern style

Mid-century modern spans a wide range of different themes, motifs and styles: here are some of the most well-known and recognisable.

The clean, uncomplicated lines are perhaps the biggest giveaway of this particular vintage style. Compared to previous decades, mid-century modern celebrated a balance between flowing, organic forms but with a fresh minimalism and structure at the same time. This was in stark contrast to the Art Nouveau period, which focused on elaborate shapes and romantic images, and also the Art Deco period, which had been about lavish materials and stylized geometric shapes.

In particular, the focus for mid-century modern furniture designers was on function and usability for the human body. Chairs were meant to be comfortable to sit in, desks practical for daily work, beds the right height for climbing in and out of… and so on. Functionality might now seem like a rather obvious requirement for furniture, but until this post-war period, style and elegance were supremely important and taken as the driving force behind a lot of furniture creation. Now, with function dictating style and not the other way around, mid-century modern took European furniture to new heights that we are still appreciating today.

Choosing mid-century modern pieces

Typical examples of mid-century modern furniture to look out for include the chic and minimalist Danish lounge chair (as made famous by designers such as Borge Mogensen), the ever-stylish mid-century desk in traditional teak or rosewood, and the perfectly symmetrical and ever so elegant Scandinavian-inspired storage solutions. This might include a chest of drawers by Hans Wegner, wardrobes or even commodes.

Fill your home with unique pieces from this distinctive period in design history and subtly add a touch of nostalgic charm to even the most contemporary look.

Shop for vintage mid-century modern furniture with Vinterior

If you are reading this, the chances are you already love vintage and retro furniture but just in case you need a few extra reasons, read on!

First of all, vintage furniture shopping is fun. The same cannot always be said of modern furniture shopping when you see aisles and aisles of pieces that are all uniform and the same. You choose a plain and characterless piece that has been factory-made, only to have it delivered to your home in flat pack form and you assemble it. Within a couple of years, it’s already showing signs of wear and tear and you can’t help but notice that you’ve seen the exact same piece in a few of your friends’ and neighbours’ houses. Sound familiar?

With vintage furniture, you are spending your money wisely on a piece with real character and history. Not only this, but vintage furniture tends to be built to last and is quality-assured, partly because of the years it has already served.

Find mid-century modern and other vintage furniture in perfect condition on our online marketplace and get inspired today.