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Media consoles are a mid-century take on the classic console table. The console table – a tall, slim table designed to sit flush against a wall – has existed in homes since the mid-sixteenth century. The media console is an updated version, developed in the 1950s with the advent of television in the home and they are still a vital component of the contemporary living room, favoured for their ability to keep the room organized. A media console is the perfect place to hide the numerous boxes and wires that accompany today’s TVs. What better way to keep your electronic devices well contained, and your DVDs and games cleverly hidden, than to use a mid-century media console that oozes style and class?

Why were mid-century console tables first needed?

The 1950s and 60s saw rapid development in the modern home and sleek, durable products accompanied this change. The beauty, simplicity and elegance of the furniture designs produced during this era are the basis for many of today’s furniture designs and the media console is no exception - its chic shape has barely been altered in half a century. Choosing to shop for vintage media consoles on Vinterior is a great idea if you want that classic, beautiful shape combined with the high quality of original 50s furniture.

One other distinct feature that makes mid-century media consoles stand out is their unparalleled functionality. They come in an array of different shapes and sizes, with varying internal shelving options to enable consumers to find an option that’s right for their home. They are essentially sideboards so it’s possible to use them in a multitude of different ways – to store your best tableware, your favourite wine glasses or to hide your kids’ toys. In the 50s and 60s, media consoles were sometimes designed with inbuilt televisions, and it’s still possible to find these versions (upcycled and ready to become home to your own TV) right here at Vinterior. Whether you have a small corner that needs to fit your entire media centre in it, or a large living room that could do with a full wall unit, there’s something here for you.

Why choose mid-century media consoles from Vinterior?

The mid-century media console is a desirable addition to any home but finding exactly what you’re looking for can be difficult in a market overrun with cheap imitations. If you seek the unmatched quality of mid-century furniture but have encountered trouble finding what you want, you’ve come to the right place. At Vinterior, we feature items from over one thousand trusted sellers, meaning our range is virtually unmatched elsewhere and you’re highly likely to land upon your dream media console when you start your search with us today.

We sell new, too

Not only do we list a fabulous range of vintage media consoles, here at Vinterior we also carefully source the very best new design and showcase it alongside classic items of 20th century vintage. A far cry from the high-street take on vintage furniture, the designers we showcase explore vintage style with exemplary design credentials, excellent quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship, creating heirloom pieces of furniture we’re proud to sell. We also feature upcycled vintage furniture – so if you’re feeling adventurous and you’d like something with a pop of colour, you’ll find lovingly painted media consoles in a veritable rainbow of colours that will look perfect at the centre of your home.