Mid Century Glass Coffee Tables

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You can’t think about decorating your living room without considering the placement of a good coffee table. While the sofas, armchairs and possibly your TV are the headline acts in a modern-day living room, spare a thought for the importance of your coffee table. After all, when you spend all those evenings sat on your sofa, it will be the coffee table that sits right in front of you – so it’s well worth making a good design decision. Mid-century glass coffee tables ooze elegance and offer great versatility, making them an obvious choice for many different living room styles. At Vinterior we feature various mid-century glass coffee tables for you to choose from. Browse through our collection today and get inspired.

Why you should choose a mid-century glass coffee table?

Furniture created in the mid-century boasts of a number of unique qualities such as durability and elegance. These pieces were manufactured from natural materials such as solid wood and rosewood. Quality and function are at the heart of mid-century design, and as such they are finished to the highest standard to create a chic look and avoid wear and tear.

Filled with charm and character, mid-century tables mix traditional and modern materials for an effective juxtaposition. The most distinct feature of mid-century tables is the clean lines on the edges and well-defined curves, giving them an unmatched look that is both simple and sleek.

Take, for example, a Victor Wilkins teak and glass coffee table for G Plan’s Fresco range. Featuring a slatted shelf underneath with a rectangular glass insert this slim and elegant table will work beautifully in a minimist or Boho setting.

Or perhaps you’d like a glass table without wood. How about a sculptural glass coffee table by a designer like Peter Ghyczy, featuring elegant and arresting bronze legs.

Introducing a mid-century glass coffee table into your home

A glass coffee table is the perfect living room centrepiece. The surface finish and colour, style and size of mid-century coffee tables makes them stand out in any room, while also looking right at home in a variety of settings. The mixture of glass, wood and metals works beautifully alongside a chic design to boost the elegance of your living area without sacrificing durability. This makes mid-century glass coffee tables the perfect practical lounge feature.

A distinct feature of mid-century furniture is that they have an aspect of functionality and practicability. For added functionality, go for the glass coffee tables that can be raised to provide a reading or eating area. This allows you to get the most out of your glass coffee table. Some pieces are even equipped with wheels and casters, enabling them them to be moved from one place to another very easily.

Glass coffee tables from this period are made of quality glass so you don’t need to worry about scratches. The surfaces are easy to clean and the glass can withstand a considerable amount of pressure.

Why shop for mid-century glass coffee tables at Vinterior?

With a huge collection of vintage, antique, bespoke, retro contemporary and artisan pieces, as well as mid-century furniture designs, Vinterior is the number one online marketplace for all your furniture needs. We offer quality and unique pieces of furniture that have the ability to add charm to your home.

Mid-century glass coffee tables are a must have, with their unique designs and well preserved surfaces. Browse through our collection today and these stunning designs are sure to inspire you to transform your interior design.