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If you think a chest of drawers is just a practical piece of furniture and never the focus of a room, then think again. Browse the mid-century collection here at Vinterior and you will be amazed at the breadth and variety of our chests of drawers. Our range includes mid-century chests, pieces from across Europe and beyond, upcycled pieces and lovely chests with a commercial or industrial heritage –perfect for urban chic. Take a look through our mid-century chest of drawers collection now.

Why choose mid-century furniture?

Far from the outlandish opulence of the Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco design movements, mid-century furniture design puts the practicality of a piece at the forefront of its design. Sleek lines, organic forms, geometric elements and durable materials are all key to mid century designs, creating pieces which appear deceptively simple, but have a lot of thoughtful design elements going on beneath the surface. The elegance of the mid-century feels effortless, with metallic features and slim silhouettes all adding practicality and subtle finesse at the same time. Features like slim legs, handle-less drawers and clean lines all add to this aesthetic, making everyday furniture that’s fit for a king.

Introducing mid-century furniture into your home

The versatility and deceptive simplicity of mid-century furniture design makes it easy to introduce stunning pieces into your home. Whether you are looking to deck out your living room with solid wood storage and shelving, spruce up your dining room with a sleek statement table or introduce industrial flair into an open plan modern kitchen, there are endless options avaialble from a variety of celebrated designers, including the likes of G Plan and Ercol.

The diversity of mid century designs makes it capable of suiting even the most traditional or modern setting, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s desire in order to create a space which is completely unique to your tastes and vision.

Shop for mid-century furniture with Vinterior

As the largest online marketplace for unique furniture, Vinterior is proud to house many thousands of pieces for you to discover, each with their own individual character and story to tell. Our collection is home to endless options from the mid-century period of design, including original pieces, inspired items and upcycled and repurposed furniture with a new lease of life. However, you’ll also find vintage, antique and retro furniture in our collection, as well as bespoke and even contemporary pieces with all the charm of a high quality histroical piece.

Every piece in our collection has been lovingly selected from more than one thousand trusted sellers, iconic brands and celebrated designers, so you know that whatever style you prefer, you are always getting quality.

So what are you waiting for? Discover a world of incredible furniture here at Vinterior and find the perfect mid century pieces for your home right here in our collection.