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With the perfect mixture of modernity and nostalgia at their disposal, many of us have already fallen in love with mid-century furniture design. If this is the case for you, then you will definitely love a footstool from that era. Despite often being overlooked, footstools can add an element of glamour and comfort to any living environment, especially when you choose an attractive mid-century design. And with both a touch of the modern day designs and the glamour of the mid-century, you’ll find beautiful mid-century footstools at Vinterior. Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy exploring the selection of stools from Vinterior.

Why choose a mid-century footstool?

Mid-century footstools reflect the level of quality you can find from the mid-century era of design as a whole, boasting elegant craftsmanship. This means that they pair very well with mid-century chairs and sofas, while also working as an individual statement piece, if the rest of your room is somewhat more modern. If you are looking to generate a more eclectic feel in your home, constrasting your larger furniture with a bold footstool can also help to create a mix and match effect – something that you will often find in hipster restaurants, bars and cafes today.

Practically speaking, these modern and sleek mid-century footstools double up as storage units. This storage is perfect for throws, toys, magazines and other small items you don’t necessarily want lying around. You can even use the stools as extra seats on those occasions when you have guests in your home.

A footstool can be many different things, just as mid-century design can take many different forms. Brands such as G Plan offer sleek options using meticulously finished teak.  Other materials to look out for are rustic vintage leather and luxurious mahogany. You can even find mid-century stools with boldly patterned upholstery to really make a statement.

Why shop at Vinterior for your mid-century footstools?

We pride ourselves on housing the very best quality footstools at Vinterior. Our collection offers thousands of options ranging across styles and eras, with plenty of attractive and high quality mid-century designs to choose from. But don’t let the size of our collection fool you, we remain extremely selective about the items we choose to list on our site. Only the most premium items of furniture are listed here at Vinterior, chosen from over one thousand trusted sellers and celebrated designers and brands. Within our collection, you’ll find everything from dining furniture to storage to soft funrishings to beds, each one completely unique with its own special story to tell.

You will even find a wide selection of bespoke options when it comes to choosing a footstool. Many artisan furniture makers upcycle mid-century footstools to create a new, quirky finish that is highly desirable. In these instances, you can choose everything from the dimensions of the footstool to the fabric quality. Once you specify the kind of footstool you want, the fabric specification and the shape and size, then all you do is wait for another elegant piece of Vinterior in your home.

So, if you are looking for a footstool to introduce into your home, you are in the right place. Discover just how diverse and exciting mid-century footstools can be by exploring our extensive range of options right here at Vinterior.

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