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The dresser is one of the most delightfully diverse pieces of furniture you can introduce into your home. Whether you’re looking for rustic kitchen storage, an attractive bedroom dressing table or just simply some attractive storage for your living room, dining room or hallway, a dresser is the perfect item to fit the criteria. Of course, we don’t only seek out furniture that is practical – we also want it to be attractive. This blend of aesthetic appeal and functional prowess is exactly what you get with mid-century furniture design, making it one of the most recognisable and desirable styles available. Explore a stunning collection of authentic mid-century dressers right here at Vinterior and get inspired to transform your home.

Why choose mid-century dressers?

Functionality is key to mid-century design. Form follows function as designs are built not only to stand out, but to stand the test of time as well. Uncluttered and sleek lines are also paramount to mid-century furniture, as both organic and geometric forms appear deceptively simple while actually having a lot to offer. There is often very little ornamentation or ostentation when it comes to mid-century dressers, and this helps them strike that balance between the historical and the modern-day. Unlike the designs found during the Georgian, Victorian or Art Deco periods, intricate detailing and wood carving was deemed to be surplus to requirements, as a taste for simplicity and minimalism took hold in the mid-20th century.

Solid wood materials are often juxtaposed with contrasting elements like metallic detailing or painted features, creating designs that are truly unique. In short, mid-century dressers provide any home with a practicality-led design which is perfect for storing away your home clutter.

Introducing mid century dressers into your home

Kitchen storage is key to any home, and a dresser is a great way to provide storage without going down the typical route of monotonous kitchen cabinets. Stripped wood or painted options offer the perfect amount of country chic, bringing personality into the heart of the home.

Dressers also work fantastically as storage in a living room or dining room. The minimalist look of the Scandinavian designers is always, with mid-century British designers like G Plan and Ercol being heavily influenced by this style, and hugely popular as a result. Large pieces with integral shelving are so practical in a living area when it comes to providing elegant storage.

Dressers also make fantastic bedroom dressing tables. Choose from the stark angular minimalist lines of the 1960s and 1970s, the soft tones of teak and rosewood to the softer lacquered and painted Venetian look which adds a real feminine charm to the boudoir. Teaming your dressing table with an equally retro mirror can give you a designated elegant space for facing the day.

Shop for mid-century dressers with Vinterior

Vinterior sources thousands of high quality pieces of furniture so you don’t have to. Working with selected traders and boutiques, we have a constant supply of chracterful furniture with its own story to tell, helping to make your design dreams come alive with vintage, antique, contemporary and upcycled pieces that are completely unique. Our mid-century dressers are no exception to this. We choose only the best from down the decades with provenance and authenticity in leaps and bounds.

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired by our collection today and who knows, you may even find the perfect dresser for your interior design.