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Dining tables and chairs represent both luxury and boldness in every dining room. As the focal points of the room, it is important that you get the vibe right – no matter what look you are aiming for. Our selection of mid-century dining furniture features some of the best vintage pieces created during the 1950s and 60s from around the world. Explore our selection of mid-century dining tables and chairs today and get inspired to transform your home.

Why choose mid-century dining tables and chairs?

Dining tables and chairs from the mid-20th century possess all of the features you would expect from the era. These include sleek lines, clean finishes, chic silhouettes and slim legs, as well as Scandinavian influences, retro elements and materials like solid wood, metals, fibreglass and even marble. When it comes to dining chairs, mid-century pieces often have a less formal feel to them, instead offering a more relaxed approach to luxury. Look for features like armless designs, bold upholstery, curved forms and straight legs. There are pared back regency chairs, Chippendale chairs, Queen Anne chairs, molded plastic and metal traditional chairs, shaker chairs, Windsor chairs, ladder-back chairs and many more to discover.

If you are starting out on your journey of mid-century discovery, why not begin with some of the well known brands of the Era, such as G Plan and Ercol. If you love the look of Danish dining furniture, we also feature many designs by the likes of Arne Vodder and Kai Kristiansen.

Introducing a mid-century dining table and chairs into your home

The furniture you choose for your dining room can make or break how the room looks. Choosing mid-century dining tables and chairs uplifts the look of your dining room. The first thing you have to put in mind is the size of the room and the number of people that will be using the dining table. From here you will know whether to buy a small dining table that can seat four people or a large one that can seat 8 people. Luckily, mid-century designs are often as versatile as they are dynamic. Designers such as Ercol create a range of sizes, including pieces which can be extended and those that utilise drop leaf elements

Shop for mid-century dining tables at Vinterior

Every piece in our online marketplace is unique and the dining tables and chairs are no exception. Every detail starting from the frame and the dining table top, legs and backrests for the chairs are all manufactured with great precision.

As the largest online marketplace for heritage and unique furniture, our dining tables range from contemporary to antique and vintage. You will also find retro, bespoke and upcycled furniture of every kind in our selection, including dining chairs and tables that have been repainted or reupholstered to bring a fresh new look to a classic item.

In the case of established brands like G Plan, it is also possible to buy new items of furniture as these companies are still trading today and still producing some of their most iconic dining furniture.

To find these and many more home additions, browse through our collection and discover amazing mid-century dining tables and chairs that add a touch of charm to your home. You’re sure to get inspired.