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There may be coffee outlets on every street corner up and down the country. And while grabbing a drink away from the home is always a pleasure, it is nevertheless important to have that sacred place to rest a hot beverage when you are sat in the comfort of your own home. While it may be tempting to simply choose a cheap flat-pack coffee table to perform such a simple task, that would be to underestimate the aesthetic importance that a coffee table has in your living room. A coffee table occupies an important space in many homes, partitioning seating areas and often acting as a halfway point between sofa and TV. Given that your coffee table has such a presence, isn’t it just as important to get the style and character of your coffee table right as it is to get the perfect sofa or sideboard?

Choosing a mid-century coffee table

A quick search of our online marketplace and you will soon see that coffee tables from the mid century come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. From a rectangular, Scandinavian-inspired teak piece crafted by G Plan to a round, glass-topped option by Eames, you won’t be short of options.

Coffee tables can make amazing focal points in the centre of a room but because they are low, designed to be accessible when people are seated, they are rarely dominant. Instead they typically complement the other major features in a living room.

The mid-century coffee tables featured here at Vinterior could not be more diverse and varied. We have different heights, sizes and shapes to suit all spaces and interior styles. Long rectangular pieces are always popular as they are so useful when you are sitting down, often with a handy magazine rack underneath. Woods range from elm, teak and walnut, while glass and even slender metal legs are also commonplace.

The smooth geometric lines of the Danish designers from the twentieth century may be the perfect addition to your lounge or sitting room, with their tactile look and an almost peaceful regularity. However, if you want to spice things up and create a stir then there are some fabulous glass pieces with either chrome or brass finish and some wonderfully exotic shapes if you really don’t want straight lines, round, oval and even kidney-shaped. These exciting pieces can make the centre of the room an absolute focal point, they also work well as an occasional table in a large hall.

Nesting tables of three are also experiencing a revival, ideal in a smaller room where space is at a premium with the top, largest table always available beside a chair leaving the remaining two tucked away for visitors and guests. Nesting tables are so practical and clever, it is hard to imagine why they ever seemed to lose their popularity. They have myriad uses in the home and are so portable from room to room, unlike a larger, squarer piece.

Our listings include pieces by famous names such as G Plan and Ercol, offering the assurance of high quality and durability – as you would expect from such established brands. But you will also find many gems from lesser-known designers and brands here, too.

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