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Effective storage is a practical necessity in any home, but that doesn’t mean you should only focus on the functional aspects when deciding where to store all your clutter. Instead, choose storage which marries function and form together harmoniously, offering an attractive design that can elevate your interior design as well as providing a practical solution. This is what you get when you invest in stunning mid-century chests, which act as high quality storage units with plenty of aesthetic charm. Whether for the bedroom, living room, dining room or hallway, a chest makes for a useful addition and an attractive feature. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself by exploring the stunning collection of mid-century chests available right here at Vinterior, and get inspired.

Why choose mid-century chests?

It was the Egyptians who developed the art of making beautiful chests with ceremonial carvings over three thousand years ago. As highly treasured items, these chests were created and decorated with the utmost dedication. In fact, at the Cairo Museum, one of the earliest chests ever made is still on display. The chest, or coffer, with the image of King Tutankhamen is a treasure to behold, with endless artistry and creativity to admire. Flash forward a few centuries, and the art of chest making has evolved significantly, though the love and attention is still present in each mid-century piece.

A far cry from the lavishly gilded pieces of the Egyptians, chests from the 1940s, 50s and 60s followed the mid-century mantra of form following function. This means that the practical use of an item was always placed at the forefront of its design, making for some of the most durable and functional chests ever made. The use of durable materials, solid wood and high quality manufacturing techniques are all typical of mid-century furniture, while clean lines, simple silhouettes and chic finishes help bring a thoroughly modern sense of luxury to these designs.

Introducing mid-century chests into your home

A chest is a great addition to any space where storage is necessary. In the living room for example, a sleek solid wood chest from designers such as Ercol and G Plan can also double as an attractive coffee table, giving you both internal and external storage space for keeping your living area uncluttered. Likewise, a smaller, more delicately designed chest makes for the perfect addition to the bedroom, providing plenty of space for storing cosmetics and toiletries, leaving your surfaces free for ornaments, photographs and other items you actually want to display.

Even in the hallway, storage is a welcome addition for keeping shoes and bags out of sight, replacing them with an attractive teak chest for guests to admire.

Why buy mid-century chests with Vinterior?

It’s easier than you might think to discover attractive and authentic mid-century furniture for your home, including beautifully designed chests. That’s because at Vinterior we allow you to explore many thousands of vintage, retro, mid-century and antique furniture items from the comfort of your own home. We even offer contemporary and bespoke pieces, so every need is met. Every piece in our collection is completely unique and possesses its own individual character, charm and story.

Discover the perfect storage chest for your home by exploring the Vinterior collection today, and get inspired.