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We may live in a digital age where technology is king. But as any avid reader will tell you, there will always be a place for the humble book in the home. From a very young age children love the tactile feel of a good book, and as adults we tend to love a dog-eared copy of our favourite paperback. And to do your favourite works of fact and fiction justice, you’ll want to showcase them in an elegant and sophisticated bookcase. At Vinterior, our online marketplace features some simply stunning floor standing bookcases, open shelves and display cabinets. With a range of designs and styles from across the decades, take a look at our website and prepare to be inspired.

Why choose a mid-century bookcase?

Our range of mid century bookcases and shelving units is impressively varied. Some of the bookcases are open, some are glass-fronted and some feature drawers and units built in. Bookcases also come in a range of materials, so you can complement your existing decor.

Among the many eye-catching and intriguing designs to look out for are the Danish oak bookcase by Borge Mogensen, the delightful G Plan curved sofa – which makes an interesting piece in the corner of a living room or study – and even the unusual penguin donkey bookshelves by Ernest Race. This last item is truly unique with its back-to-back shelves, and may even make a nice addition to a children’s bedroom.

If you want to feature a combination of books, glassware and china in your kitchen or living room, why not consider a more traditional open-shelved option. Whichever piece you choose, bookcases offer a great sense of comfort. Without a place to store your personal treasures, a house can quickly feel stark and impersonal.

Why buy a mid-century bookcase from Vinterior?

While modern flat-pack bookcases and basic shelving units certainly serve a function, they really cannot compare to a stylish mid-century bookcase when it comes to elevating the quality of your interior design. As an item of furniture that will hold its position in your living room, study, kitchen or bedroom for many years, shouldn’t you invest in a bookcase that has real character?

There is, of course, another benefit to buying a pre-loved item of furniture for your home. By finding a new home for one of these stunning pieces of furniture, you are also helping to prevent it from heading to landfill. And by reducing your reliance on modern manufactured pieces you are even reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

If you share our passion for books and personal possessions, you can showcase your books with an amazing piece of vintage furniture from the mid 20th century. Whatever your space or interior, Vinterior will have a bookcase for your home. You might want to combine your book storage with other functionality and a lot of these pieces also have integral cupboards.

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