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Benches are having something of a moment. Benches have been absent from most people’s interior design radar for a few years now, but they are becoming a popular feature in kitchens, or as an alternative to dining room chairs. Get ahead of the curve and find the next rediscovery from the last century. Here at Vinterior we have plenty of mid-century benches to choose from. Most people have forgotten just how useful they can be as an alternative form of seating as they are now largely confined to the garden. Our mid-century benches are particularly stunning and can be a chic addition to any home, especially to a living room or kitchen. Take a look through our collection now.

Choosing mid-century benches

Sometimes also known as a ‘settle’, vintage benches usually had high backs and arms so the seated person was enclosed and enveloped by the bench. There was usually room enough for three or four people. Ideal if you occupy a draughty period house and some of the smaller/shorter versions have a storage box within the seat which can be very practical. Benches can work well situated underneath windows as a cute window seat, or as an accessory to a large living space. Many of our mid-century benches are padded and upholstered, featuring fabric with interesting designs and studs. These benches make a great place for one to sit with a morning coffee and a book.

Long wooden benches look lovely in a rustic kitchen with a matching trestle table, very continental and right on trend. These tidy away perfectly under the table when not in use, which is handy where space is at a premium. Vinterior showcases some beautiful examples of mid-century benches made from reclaimed wood. Upholstered benches, on the other hand, can be sumptuously decorative and luxurious, the perfect addition to an opulent bedroom at the foot of the bed or in a sitting room or dressing room. They can also look elegant on a feature landing.

Most mid century benches are designed to be used indoors, but we do have a selection that would be suitable for outside use, adding some real style to a conservatory or garden room. They work well in an urban chic industrial style setting in much the same way as architectural salvage, which is all the rage at the moment. Mid-century school benches are being reclaimed for outdoor use, perfectly traditional these will resonate with everyone. Whether you are looking for church pews or long factory benches, either of these is spot on if you have a large space to fill, they are pieces with form and presence that need a spacious setting. Some reclaim benches without backs of the wider variety can themselves adapt very well into an interesting occasional table.

Shop for mid-century benches with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we source mid-century furniture from over one thousand boutiques and sellers hand selecting perfect pieces for your home. Every item is carefully checked for quality, condition and authenticity and comprehensively and accurately photographed so you can be certain of your purchase. Benches are quite unique items but in either a very large or a very small space can be a perfect addition to a living space and an alternative choice to a sofa or chair. They also offer the opportunity for you to impose your own take and are ripe for innovative uses well outside the norm. Take a look through our extensive collection of mid-century benches now.