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Many people take pride in hosting parties and showing off their barware. Even if you are not hosting a party, having a good collection of barware on display is always a beautiful way of elevating the charm and luxury in any room. Essential barware can refer to anything from red and white wine glasses, water goblets and champagne flutes to double ancient glasses, martini glasses, margarita glasses, cocktail shakers, bar tools and highball glasses, among many others. Barware may recall images of glamorous parties from decades gone by, but many people still collect barware pieces from the mid-century period because of their uniqueness and style. At Vinterior, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of barware from the past and present. Browse through our website today to check out our wide selection.

The beauty of mid-century barware

Enjoying a tipple has been part of life for centuries, even millennia. Even the Greek mixed wine with water in a pot called a krater, using one of the earliest examples of barware to create what would no doubt have been considered a delicacy in ancient symposiums. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the mixing took the form of punches. This mainly required the mixing of rum and brandy. Glamorous punch bowls and shakers became more commonplace, and as drinking increased over the years so did the amount of necessary serving and drinking tools. All manner of glassware ice buckets, shakers and bowls started to appear at parties. By the mid century, artists were creating tantalising styles that would transform the humble display cabinets. The beauty and precision that went into making these items is what makes barware so appealing even today.

Mid-century barware gives whatever drink you serve a special kind of appearance, using unique forms, geometric elements and metallic detailing. Practically speaking, barware tools can also help ensure that whatever you serve is at the right temperatures, the right consistency and the right proportions. Drinking from well-crafted barware is not only a sign of prestige and luxury, but it also shows your commitment to being the best host possible as you attend to your guests’ every need.

Why buy mid-century barware from Vinterior?

Finding attractive and high quality barware from past eras of design can be a challenge, but not when you shop with Vinterior. Our stunning collection of mid-century and vintage barware will give you the inspiration you need to add some decadence, elegance and luxury into your home, creating a treat for both guests and yourself. Our selection of glassware and mixing tools reflect the styles and trends of bygone decades, offering your home something truly unique and eye-catching. Consider pairing your mid-century barware with a stunning drinks trolley from the period, which are also available in our extensive collection.

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If you are looking for quality, class, style and prestige, then you are in the right place. Discover the exciting and eclectic world of barware and so much more by taking the time to explore the Vinterior collection today. You’re sure to get inspired to transform your own interior design and who knows, you may even discover the perfect addition to your home.