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Founded in the 1860s in Kirkcaldy, Fife, McIntosh is a Scottish manufacturer of premium furniture. From humble origins, McIntosh became one of the key names in the mid-century movement towards more contemporary style furniture which characterised the look and feel of the era. With quality pieces and popular styles, McIntosh cemented its position alongside Ercol and G-Plan as one of Britain’s finest furniture makers.

Why choose McIntish teak furniture

At Vinterior we feature many McIntosh pieces and the majority are constructed in McIntosh’s wood of choice: teak. Whilst McIntosh also construct rosewood furniture, teak’s aesthetic and structural qualities lend themselves perfectly to the style and build principles of McIntosh.

The contemporary and modern style of McIntosh has been compared to the Danish designers of the era. Danish style pieces the mid-century were similar in style and form although McIntosh furniture had its own distinctive aesthetic.

Teak is an exotic hardwood with a light-coloured grain. Often used in the construction of houses in tropical and subtropical countries, it is an extraordinarily hard-wearing material. Teak is not only physically strong with high tensile strength and scratch resistant qualities, it’s also relatively water resistant – particularly when lacquered. These traits serve to make it suitable for use in tables and chairs, which must be hardwearing to withstand the rigours of daily life in a modern home. Teak is also slow to fade when treated correctly, although over time it may also develop a greater charm as it weathers – perfect for those who are fans of shabby chic interiors.

The saying “tough as teak” rings true and this hardwood has ensured the longevity of McIntosh furniture as vintage classics thanks to their quality. In addition to the useful physical characteristics, teak is very aesthetically appealing. Light in colour and unfussy, it is a material which perfectly suits contemporary interior design. Although it briefly fell out fashion in the 80s and 90s, its resurgence in the modern home has mirrored the trends to bring back mid-century styles of furniture.

McIntosh teak furniture: strong and beautiful

McIntosh teak furniture is as strong as it is beautiful and owing to the superb structural qualities of the wood, McIntosh’s tried and tested designs have stood the test of time. Teak furniture can navigate exposure to normal wear and tear but also remain bright and unfaded even when subjected to heavy sun exposure.

McIntosh teak furniture isn’t just about practicality and superior build quality. McIntosh furniture is recognised for its contribution to mid-century design. A number of McIntosh pieces evoke the classic mid-century look of clean lines, simple shapes and accessible design and feature quirky accents including long-form handles, interesting proportions and striking gloss finishes.

McIntosh teak furniture: why shop Vinterior?

At Vinterior our selection of McIntosh teak furniture is curated to feature many highly sought-after pieces which would suit almost any interior space. Versatile, strong and fashionable, McIntosh teak furniture combines the best of mid-century style to bring beautiful yet functional pieces to any home. With the trend for mid-century style one of the hottest movements in interior design right now, incorporating a McIntosh piece in your home could be a fantastic way of enhancing the style and charm of your interior design.

With over 1000 registered sellers on our website, Vinterior is the number one place to find heritage furniture. So, browse our selection of McIntosh furniture today for inspiration.