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Whether you have heard of McIntosh or not, the brand’s reputation as one of the key British furniture designers of the last century puts them front and centre when you decide that it’s time for a mid-century revival in your home. Like all of McIntosh’s furniture, the manufacturer’s tables are hard wearing, clean and deceptively simple in style and suitable for almost any kind of interior theme. Vinterior’s selection of McIntosh tables showcase some of the best examples of the mid-century trend for sleek lines and pared-back design in a bid to create pieces that offer flexibility and style for just about any interior enthusiast looking to create a unique and interesting home design.

The brand behind McIntosh tables

McIntosh was originally formed in the late 1800s in Scotland. From the brand’s first humble factory in Kirkcaldy, Fife, it expanded to become one of the world’s most influential manufacturers of home and office furniture. In the 1870s, McIntosh participated in exhibitions around the world and cemented their position as an ultra high-quality manufacturer of world-class furniture. Alongside Ercol and G-Plan, McIntosh was among the leading mid-century furniture businesses to bring form and function to homes around the UK and, indeed, further afield.

Often compared with the Danish designers of the era, McIntosh began to create unique pieces which have become highly sought after by collectors.

McIntosh tables: slimline and modern

McIntosh tables blend modern aesthetics with practicality for the home. As with many contemporary furniture makers, McIntosh tables, sideboards and other furniture pieces were designed to withstand the rigours of daily use in a busy home. As a result, tables were made from teak and finished with a tough gloss to form a hardwearing surface that is resistant to staining and scratches. Another key material used by McIntosh, but far rarer in their pieces, is rosewood. Known for its excellent grain, McIntosh rosewood furniture is considered amongst the brand’s more exclusive pieces.

McIntosh tables often featured extendable sections which, although commonplace today, were a distinctly modern feature of the era. While such practical additions briefly fell out of fashion throughout the 80s and 90s, they have seen a revival thanks to their practicality of conserving space in modern apartments and smaller houses. Pull-out tables and extending sections help save space within the family home.

McIntosh tables suit a variety of interior spaces and with added practical features can provide a contemporary touch of style to your home. McIntosh was seen as one of the pioneers of the modern era of furniture. Dispensing with the heavy and dark furniture trends of the early 20th century, the post-war household was a brighter and lighter place and furniture design reflected this shift towards a more positive outlook. Looking for a piece to fit within your Scandinavian, retro or hygge-style home? A McIntosh table will work as beautifully in this environment as it will in a shabby chic or contemporary space.

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