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The McIntosh name is closely associated with quality, British furniture design. On the vintage stage, the brand is one of the most prolific manufacturers of mid-century pieces with a quirky modern aesthetic that seamlessly blends British and European styles. Vintage McIntosh pieces can fit perfectly into modern homes but they are most at home within eclectic, retro spaces that blend both classic and modern elements. Sleek, modern and unfussy, McIntosh pieces offer a popular glimpse into a past aesthetic becoming more and more popular in contemporary homes. At Vinterior, we stock a wide range of McIntosh pieces all of which showcase the best in mid-century British design. A McIntosh can create drama and create a statement in any space. We stock all manner of McIntosh furniture from sideboards to tables – there’s something to suit any home. McIntosh furniture marks a return to the mid-century style that transcended the furniture market and moved away from the heavy and ornate aesthetic of the pre-war household. McIntosh pieces are bright with clean lines and superbly well-constructed thanks to first-class Scottish manufacturing skill. McIntosh are also widely known for their limited runs of incredibly quirky and unique pieces. At the time, these pieces were highly sought after and they remain much-sought after pieces amongst retro furniture enthusiasts today.

McIntosh furniture: a pre-war legacy

Founded in 1869 by Alexander Henry McIntosh in Kirkcaldy, Fife, McIntosh rapidly expanded his factory premises as the brand’s reputation spread throughout Europe and beyond in the 1880s. Following successful exhibitions in Paris and Sydney, McIntosh established itself as a world-class furniture maker.

Like many furniture makers, McIntosh’s factories were requisitioned for the war effort but it re-emerged in the 1940s with new designs in a contemporary style. New units including bedroom suites, tables, sideboards and cabinets created a furniture design movement which departed from heavy oak pieces of the past and developed the mid-century aesthetic we know today.

McIntosh furniture: the mid-century revival

McIntosh pieces are closely linked in overall design to the Danish pieces of the mid-century. Using similar materials of teak or rosewood and instantly modern, it’s no surprise that McIntosh pieces are subject to a revival in the modern homes of today. McIntosh’s unique position in the contemporary furniture market was shared at the time by Ercol and G-Plan. Together with McIntosh, the companies can be credited with taking the lead in furniture throughout the 50s and 60s and forged a bright new future in mid-century design.

McIntosh furniture pieces were unique for their time, with unusual compact handles, small legs and gloss teak finishes that contradicted the offerings of other European furniture makers. It is this contemporary aesthetic that distinguishes McIntosh today. The brand’s pieces are noticeably retro in style but the sleek veneered aesthetic of the time is mirrored by the contemporary metallic kitchens, minimalist living rooms and modern bedrooms of today.

It is in these homes that McIntosh pieces fit most perfectly. Perfect for making a modern statement, McIntosh pieces are superbly crafted and make a statement within the home. From Scandinavian to opulent luxury – there is a piece of Mcintosh furniture to suit almost every taste.

At Vinterior, we love the rich history that underpins legendary furniture makers like McIntosh. Check out our fantastic selection of vintage and retro pieces and fill your home with revivalist pieces which offer something distinctive and different for your interior space. Find inspiration by browsing our listings today.