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When it comes to interior design, we’re all guilty of treating the hallway as something of an afterthought. While the living room, bedroom, kitchen and dining room all have a clear purpose, the hallway can often get lost in the crowd and become little more than a home for coats, shoes and general clutter. However, one or two statement pieces of furniture can change all that. A console table is an absolute must in any luxury hallway, and to really amp up the luxury you should opt for a material such as marble. That’s where we come in. Discover an exciting and eclectic collection of marble console tables by browsing the range right here at Vinterior.

Why choose marble console tables?

The console table is perfectly designed to spruce up the aesthetic of any hallway. Featuring a slimmer silhouette than a coffee or dining table, console tables fit snugly into even the tightest of passageways, providing your hall with an attractive focal point without sacrificing too much floorspace. Console tables provide surface space and storage, and can easily be dressed up with photographs, floral arrangements or by hanging a mirror or piece of statement wall art above.

However, with a material like marble, console tables don’t need to be decorated in order to become a decorative piece of furniture. Marble is in itself an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious material, with so much to offer in the way of both fashion and function. The unique blend of natural minerals and limestone provides each cut of marble with its own individual veining and tones to offer, while the stone’s natural strength means that it is highly durable against impact, heat and daily use.

Introducing a marble top console table into your home

Many of the older marble console tables are instantly recognisable as historical antiques. The blend of French or Italian marble alongside lacquered wood and an ornate serpentine front design provides a traditionally ornate sense of opulence which is sure to attract attention in any hallway. An ornate mirror hanging above a console table like this can complete the effect, creating a focal point that is both aesthetically pleasing and practically useful.

Alternatively, mid-century and later 20th century console tables tend to provide sleeker designs with less flourish and more abstract elements. Rounded edges and monochrome palettes are common features of this period when it comes to the use of marble, being a favourite colour scheme of designers like Angelo Mangiarotti.

A marble console table is clearly a great addition to the hallway, but it can also work well in a bedroom or dining room where a larger scale dressing table or sideboard isn’t an option. The traditionally slim form of the console table makes it perfect for smaller rooms.

Marble console tables: find everything your hallway needs at Vinterior

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