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Charles Rennie Mackintosh was a key figure in the British design scene during the late 19th and early 20th century. Born and raised in Glasgow, he quickly ascended the ranks of design and gained a reputation as one of the leading designers of this era. With a focus on striking geometric furniture design with a key functional purpose, Mackintosh remains one of the most desirable names when it comes to filling our homes with vintage furniture – and his stunning sideboards are no exception. Discover just how exciting storage can be by browsing the Vinterior collection of Mackintosh sideboards today.

Why choose a Mackintosh sideboard?

Mackintosh’s history as an architect and artist helped to cement his reputation for excellence. He was responsible for some of the most iconic buildings in Glasgow, including the Glasgow School of Art. His attention to detail and unrivalled level of artistry helped Mackintosh create some of the most iconic furniture of the 21st century.

Mackintosh’s furniture generally has a decorative signature. His mirrors, for example, resemble encompasses Art Deco flair with colourful stained-glass patterns and beautifully crafted abstract shapes or flowers. Occasionally bold and sometimes subtle, fragile and delicate, Mackintosh was by no means one track-minded in his approach to design, allowing his designs to cover a manner of styles. Given the bold approach to design and recognisable aesthetic, Mackintosh pieces are a constant talking point and a piece of design history.

Sideboards are just one of the many furniture pieces inspired by Mackintosh design. Frequently copied and repurposed by various designers and furniture makers throughout the last century, Mackintosh sideboards were first and foremost practical items of furniture. Alongside utilitarian design and functionality, these sideboards also possess signature decorative elements like handle-less drawers and clean lines. Though often subtle, these features allow Mackintosh’s sideboards to act as both a functional home addition and an altogether more stylish and characterful piece of furniture.

Introducing Mackintosh sideboards into your home

A Mackintosh sideboard can add modernist sensibility to your home. They are often grand in size, which is characteristic of Mackintosh’s braver pieces of furniture, and designed to be seen as a statement. Some of these designs are extremely bold, having become highly sought after thanks to their originality and creativity. In larger rooms, a bold Mackintosh sideboard can instantly add grandeur and elegance.

Alternatively, a sleek teak Mackintosh sideboard can fit perfectly into an entrance hallway, acting as a designer console table while also offering plenty of storage for shoes and other items. In fact, any room in which storage is necessary – such as the bedroom or kitchen – can benefit from a Mackintosh sideboard. Their clean design provides drawer and cupboard space galore while also offering surface space for an attractive display of ornaments and knick-knacks.

Try placing your Mackintosh sideboard between an attractive rug and piece of wall art, and watch how it creates an instant focal point in any space.

Why shop for Mackintosh sideboards at Vinterior?

A Mackintosh sideboard is a glorious statement piece in any home. At Vinterior, we’ve collated a standout selection of Mackintosh furniture to fit perfectly in any vintage, contemporary or modern home. Flexible in its application, Mackintosh pieces bring a piece of design history into your home to create stylish living spaces.

With thousands of items to choose from, delve into the Vinterior collection of vintage, antique, retro and contemporary furniture today and get inspired. Who knows? You may even discover the perfect addition to your home.

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