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Charles Rennie Mackintosh is considered one of the most influential British designers of all time. Hailing from Scotland, C R Mackintosh studied at the famed Glasgow School of Art and was a strong advocate of the modern aesthetic in design. To Mackintosh, progression in art was vital and he played a key role in the modernisation of many forms of everyday design. Mackintosh was a multidisciplinary artist and designer and a famed architect who put his name to many famous buildings in Glasgow and beyond. His knowledge only increased his influence and by his death in the 1920s, he had inspired countless designs and trends during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. C R Mackintosh pieces are diverse with many pieces hailing from the art deco era as well as a number of more abstract and unique pieces and a wide range of inspired-by collections.

C R Mackintosh: An Influencer

C R Mackintosh designed a limited quantity of furniture but his ideas went on to inspire a number of different pieces. During his lifetime, he designed high-end furniture for the rich, famous and other aristocrats of the era with select original pieces still in existence. A rare chair he designed for businesswomen Kate Cranston sold for £362,000 just a few years ago and numerous other originals have sold for high prices.

While genuine Mackintosh pieces are now considered to be high-end antiques, his work inspired generations of furniture makers and artisans. At Vinterior you will find many listings that feature designs inspired by the Mackintosh approach. Distinct, unique and highly collectable, Mackintosh-style pieces make a stellar addition to any retro or contemporary home or interior.

What to look for in Mackintosh Mirrors

Browse our listings and you will see a wide range of C R Mackintosh-inspired furniture with the power to add instant style and personality to any space in your home. Mackintosh mirrors are distinctive thanks to the decorative stained-glass designs, which usually take the form of flowers, geometric patterns or other abstract shapes. Whether designed in blue, pink, red or another colour, the detailing on these mirrors can be used to either complement your existing colour scheme, or else add an accent colour that pops out from the rest of your décor.

Most consider a Mackintosh mirror or any furniture inspired by the famed designer to fall into the Art Deco era of design, even though Mackintosh himself predated this period. C R Mackintosh’s era was perhaps more closely aligned to the Art Nouveau movement where furniture and home decoration moved towards minimalism and more abstract forms of decoration.

Yet the name we attach to Mackintosh’s brand of design is less important than the impact one of the products inspired by him can bring to your home. A mirror can be a powerful tool in creating a stunning home décor, adding light and intrigue in quiet or poorly lit corners of the home. Whether you intend to hang it in your hallway, kitchen, bedroom or living room, a Mackintosh mirror will add an extra dimension to your space, punctuating your colour scheme and instantly catching the eye of your house-guests.

Our Mackintosh mirrors range from minimal to full blown decorative, real pieces of art that combine a mirror’s reflective qualities with colour. The statement pieces offer the opportunity to create drama and interest on a wall in almost any point in the home and create a focus for high-end classic design.

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