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Charles Rennie Mackintosh remains one Scotland’s most celebrated and recognisable designers of the 20th century and his work continues to have a strong influence across many areas of design almost 100 years later. Born in Glasgow in the late 1800s, Mackintosh worked across many areas of design including art and architecture. Primarily an architect for most of his life, Mackintosh designed some of Glasgow’s most recognisable and enduring buildings – including the Glasgow School of Art. Like his architecture, Mackintosh’s furniture designs have stood the test of time to become widely beloved home additions. Explore the stunning collection of Mackintosh furniture available here at Vinterior.

Mackintosh furniture reflects a period of experimentation

During his working life, Mackintosh led the way as art moved towards a more decorative, abstract and experimental style that appealed more to the masses. Trends began to shift, and the focus of great design took more of its inspiration from what the consumer wanted, departing from the predominantly high-brow nature of fine art.

These traits can be seen in many of Mackintosh’s furniture designs, from sideboards to mirrors to tables and chairs. Utilising woods such as teak, rosewood and even walnut, Mackintosh furniture is well suited to those homes in need of a single statement piece that brings a sense of accessible luxury to a space. Mackintosh pieces reflect the distinctive signs of modernist design – a retro aesthetic with chic Art Deco qualities. Unique and original in form and design, Mackintosh furniture draws inspiration from many different styles and eras.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s work spanned several disciplines of art and design – he was not only a designer but a seasoned artist himself. His collection of watercolour paintings still remains in Scotland to this day and he continues to inspire designers and artists from all over the world. This level of artistry is what has helped his furniture stand the test of time.

Introducing Mackintosh furniture into your home

Any fan of the Art Deco era will know of C R Mackintosh and the influence his design-led vision had on furniture and the wider architecture of the era. Perhaps the most important example of Mackintosh furniture is his famous range of mirrors, which feature raised stained-glass images of plants and flowers – a trademark and symbol of an era that took a lot of inspiration from plants, nature and landscape.

Such elegant designs are often juxtaposed with bold sizing and use of colour. This helped Mackintosh garner a reputation for subtle furniture which is also strong and recognisable. Because of its diversity and versatility, Mackintosh pieces can be brought into any interior setting in many different ways. A bold Mackintosh armchair features plush upholstery and a striking high-backed form to act as a focal point in any living room.

Alternatively, an iconic Mackintosh-inspired mirror looks perfect in the hallway, introducing your guests to a healthy dose of style as soon as they step through the front door. Dining tables and sideboards make fantastic structural additions to the home as well, offering fashion and function in equal measure.

Find Mackintosh furniture at Vinterior

At Vinterior we feature a wide range of Mackintosh and Mackintosh-inspired furniture. From the outlandish and interesting to the chic and practical, Mackintosh furniture makes a bold and welcoming centrepiece to any room. As a champion of the unique, Vinterior work only with trusted partners to source authentic furniture pieces to bring the very best collection to our customers.

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