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The Louis XV style of furniture is recognisable all over the world. Giving practical furniture both a feminine and regal look, it's a style that has always been popular amongst the upper classes and the aristocracy but can now simply add a sense of quality and grandeur to your dining room or dressing area today. Marking the beginning of the European Rococo movement, Louis XV's time began in the 18th century and carries influences from Chinese, Roman and Greek culture. Louis XV furniture is characterised by its lightness, comfort, the harmony of lines and superbly crafted curved forms. These features can be seen across all kinds of pieces, from armchairs to tables to stools to beds and desks. If you are looking to add a touch of opulence to your home, look no further than Louis XV furniture.

Why choose Louis XV Furniture?

First and foremost, the period of the 18th century during which Louis XV reigned is renowned for quality craftsmanship and beautiful attention to detail. The Rococo décor of the time has influenced many generations since and this can be seen in the fact that pieces such as Louis XV chair have evolved and been adapted over subsequent centuries.

Louis XV chairs and sofas are generally characterised by cartouche-shaped seat backs framed with either moulded or carved wood, a shorter armrest and cabriole or S-curved legs placed at an angle. Tables, desks and commodes have legs in the form of an exaggerated or reverse S with their faces sometimes having rocaille masks or drapery motif and coloured marble plaque on top. Louis XV beds typically have four posts and a canopy suspended from a rectangular frame.

Shop for Louis XV furniture with Vinterior

Few styles of furniture can so effortlessly combine functionality and elegance like a masterfully crafted piece of Louis XV furniture. The chairs and sofas, for example, are made of comfortable padded seats and backs but sacrifice nothing in design, providing a perfect balance to households of todayA good piece of antique furniture adds texture and personality to even the most modern or contemporary décor. For example, an ornate Rococo console table can easily turn quiet and bland settings into more characterful and intriguing environments.

Louis XV furniture also comes in more modern styles and pieces like Louis executive chairs and can easily be incorporated in a formal setting for an outstanding look. Exceptionally made French Louis XV table and chairs in your dining or living area are sure to attract the attention of guests and can be a great conversational piece in a social setting. Louis XV chairs made during the 19th and early 20th century often showcase different fabrics and experimental colour schemes, making them an interesting alternative. The same can be said of replica wardrobes or chests of drawers which take the original concept of the Rococo style and bring them into a different era.

Here at Vinterior we promise to make your shopping experience an exciting endeavour with our immense collection of quality, authentic Louis XV furniture. We offer diverse pieces ranging from quality antiques to some more eccentric models.

Whatever your preference, be it a carefully crafted modern Carlisle armchair or a classic French Louis XV style chinoiserie desk, Vinterior has got you covered. We only work with the finest vintage furniture boutiques, so can guarantee quality and authenticity. Find your inspiration today