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Louis XV furniture is characterised by flowing, curved lines and floral embellishments. The female influence on this era is evident in the feminine styling on chairs of the 18th century. We have a variety of Louis XV chairs available if you're looking to bring this exquisite style into your own home. The Louis XV style is still a popular one in dining rooms today – 300 years after the style was first created. As you look through our collection, you will be able to see why it's still popular after so many years. With original antique pieces and beautifully made replicas from the 19th and 20th centuries listed side by side, you will find more choice here at Vinterior than on any other marketplace in the UK.

A bit about Louis XV chairs

Louis XV chairs were created to be part of the king’s own furniture, not to suit the large staterooms of the Versailles of Louis XIV, but for the king’s intimate salons. This is why you often see Louis XV furniture in more private parts of the home, such as a bedroom or dressing room. There was a huge emphasis on the importance of comfort during the late 18th century, so thick padding was essential for chairs and sofas. This combination of style and comfort was invaluable for the aristocracy of the time and you will find it equally important in the modern dining room today if you choose a set of Louis XV chairs to host your guests.

Louis XV chairs are standouts and their characteristic features distinguish them from any other kinds of chairs. Their legs are a little longer than the Louis XIV chairs, making the chairs look bigger. The chair legs are also set at an angle and are usually S-shaped or cabriole. Exotic fruitwoods were most often used in original Louis XV chairs but more recently a range of woods have been used in creating these chairs.

From the first look of a Louis XV chair, you will notice that their seat backs are often rounded and made of curved wood frames with carved decorations. These chairs also bring out a sense of romance, with their wooden frames featuring a gilded finish. The romantic embellishments are very popular, and give Louis XV chairs the look we know and love.

Why choose Louis XV chairs?

What is perhaps most interesting about the Louis XV style chair is that, since it was first designed, each era since has made little tweaks and changes, helping to evolve the chair and give it its own sense of history. Over the decades, these chairs have seen changes to the fabric and depth of the upholstery and padding, they have been built in a number of different woods and have been painted, polished or stained in different ways. All of this combines to give you a great choice and the ability to invest in a true icon of furniture design.

The seats of the Louis XV chairs are often covered in velvet, which would either be plain or stamped. Brocatelle fabric was also used in crafting the chairs. Other materials used in making Louis XV chairs were damask, flowered and painted silk, all seen as luxury items in their day.

Shop for Louis XV chairs with Vinterior?

Louis XV chairs are of high value and despite fashions and trends changing, they have never gone out of style. They bring so much elegance and beauty to your space. These chairs are also adopted for any environment and can fit into any space since they are not bulky and moving them from place to place is easy.

At Vinterior, we have a large collection of Louis XV chairs, which often includes rare 18th-century originals. Explore the full range of our Louis XV chairs now and see what is on offer from our network of trusted sellers.