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What defines the Louis XV bed? The design of this type of bed incorporates curved forms, luxury and symmetry with exotic woods like mahogany, making these beds truly unique. The design style employed for the Louis XV bed lasted mainly the period between 1715 and 1774, giving the Louis XV bed a distinct sense of history and culture. If you are on the hunt for a truly special antique Louis XV bed or perhaps a lovingly crafted replica of this style made during the 20th century, look no further than our listings here at Vinterior. Explore our collection today.

Louis XV beds: a bit about beds in the 18th century

A bed wasn't perhaps as private a piece of furniture in the 18th century as it is now. For example, awakening the king was a rather public event where members of the court and visitors to the palace attended, so it was vital that the king's bed displayed his wealth and importance. Louis XV style is focused on luxury, and on expressing one's status in society. The excessive yet intricate embellishments and the luxurious materials were designed to grab the attention of guests and visitors. Each decoration would have taken a skilled craftsman a considerable amount of time to add, which showcased the high value of the furniture.

Now a Louis XV bed is often found in a home to be a private luxury – most Louis XV furniture and accessories are found in bedrooms and dressing rooms, where one can feel like royalty in their very own home.

Choosing Louis XV Beds

A Louis XV mahogany bed typically features hand-carved embellishments, in only the finest exotic hardwood. A traditional setting is a perfect fit for the bed, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used with a contemporary backdrop. In fact, in bedroom environments that are lacking natural materials like wood, the addition of a mahogany or oak bed can balance out the less organic and often sterile feel of modern plastics and cold metals.

If you are looking for a bed that’s a bit more detailed, go for a Louis XV French rattan bed with an intricate mesh pattern. Or perhaps add a sumptuous finishing touch to your bedroom by opting for a Louis XV upholstered Rococo-style bed. This style of bed has an interesting history and can be traced back to Madame de Pompadour, who was the mistress to Louis XV and a highly influential figure in the development of Louis XV style. The finish of the bed can either be a natural wood finish or a painted wood finish. Three sizes are commonly available here at Vinterior; the king 5’, the super king 6’ and the emperor 6’6, with all their side rails curved on a solid timber frame with rose patterns.

The low footboard Louis Rattan French bed, as the name suggests, has lowered feet. Another stand out feature is the double layer of rattan for extra durability.

Louis XV is still a popular style of bed today and you will often be able to find modern beds inspired by the traditional designs in your local bed shop. However, at Vinterior we believe that nothing has the power to add character and a sense of quality to your bedroom like heritage furniture. Whether it is an 18th century antique or a Victorian reproduction with its own rich history behind it, there is nothing quite like a pre-loved Louis XV bed for bringing comfort and balance to your bedroom.

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