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Captain’s chairs are a timeless addition to the home or study, as they bring an inimitable charm and character. Yet these chairs are also wonderfully lightweight and thoroughly practical. Whether you are starting afresh with your first apartment, or looking to spruce up a family home with a touch of vintage charm, a leather captain’s chair is a great place to begin. A captain’s chair, which often comes in a matching set of two, can really bring an interior look together, while adding instant personality and the sense of a story to your living space. Find out more about the history of the beautiful captain’s chair, and take a look at a selection of wonderful original pieces from the Victorian era and beyond in our online marketplace.

The timeless style of a leather captain’s chair

The captain’s chair is a specific design of chair which has a curved back that sweeps round into arm rests. Typically, the wooden captain’s chair has a back supported by vertical spindles, which can be decorative or plain. The addition of leather upholstery to the seating and back of the chair not only makes it more comfortable for the sitter, but it also provides an aesthetic feature piece for the room.

Choose from authentic Victorian leather captain’s chairs with the original leather worn but still in great condition. Or spruce up your space with a reclaimed oak captain’s chair with fresh new leather in a colour that suits your interior look.

There are also many styles to choose from within the leather captain’s chair range. One of the most characterful choices to go for is the chesterfield style leather chair, which features a luxurious deep-buttoned back and cushioned armrests. You can also find beautiful early and mid-20th Century swivel captain’s chairs that work perfectly in a modern home office setup. Inject a little luxury and old school decadence into your home with these impressive chairs, many of which are in pristine condition – ready to be used in the home or study.

Leather captain’s chairs: the benefits of buying heritage furniture

There are tons of benefits to buying furniture from the pages of history, hence the steady rise of vintage and retro shopping. People want to fill their homes and interior design spaces with beautiful items that tell a story. Rather than simply buying the easiest, blandest piece of contemporary furniture (that it’s likely many of your neighbours will have in their homes), why not dare to be creative, and inject a little character into your surroundings.

Vintage furniture like the Victorian leather captain’s chair, was designed and crafted in a way that very few furniture makers today can (or will) reproduce. The quality of the materials used, such as solid mahogany, polished oak and real leather, are becoming less popular in favour of cheap, disposable substitutes. Choosing vintage means choosing quality, and is an investment for your interior space for life.

Whether you’re looking for antique and vintage furniture to match a traditional home, or seeking a few key retro pieces to add charm and focus to a modern apartment, you’ll find a huge choice of pieces at our online marketplace. Discover for yourself incredible pieces that take you back to a far off land; each and every one is a gateway to a different time in history and has its own unique story to tell.