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The legendary design abilities of Le Corbusier are world renowned. As an architect, he was a critical figure in the establishment of Modernism; as an artist, he pioneered Purism; and as a furniture designer, he was responsible for some of the most iconic items of the twentieth century. Amongst these, Le Corbusier’s sofa designs are some of the most classic and most desirable pieces, highly prized for their unparalleled quality and ergonomic design. They are eternally stylish investment pieces that will remain much-loved family heirlooms for generations to come.

The history of Le Corbusier sofas

The Petit Confort was the first Le Corbusier sofa. Initially produced in 1928, it continues to be made to this day and has barely changed at all. Nowadays, it’s possible to find it in varying sizes, with matching armchairs.

The tubular steel used in the production of these classic items was originally used to manufacture bicycles. This lightweight, chrome plated metal forms the iconic frame of the sofa and solidifies its position as an iconic piece of twentieth century design, representing Le Corbusier’s famous urge to unite man and machine. The leather cushions connect the metal to the soft, organic products of the earth whilst simultaneously providing deep, irresistible comfort. Although the slick metal and sleek leather are at odds with one another, the intersection between angled metal and soft material is a classic combination.

How to style a Le Corbusier sofa

Iconic pieces like the Le Corbusier sofa need very little in the way of styling. The iconic silhouette is instantly recognisable and so it can be dressed up or down, fitting seamlessly in to minimal surroundings or competing admirably with busier decor. Whether your room is painted pure white or you enjoy playing around with bright, primary colours, the Le Corbusier sofa can hold its own at the centre of your home. It is a chic, understated accent piece that combines comfort with enduring style.

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