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Artist, architect and design prodigy Le Corbusier contributed enormously to the development of modernism across all three disciplines. The buildings he designed are widely heralded as some of the finest examples of modern architecture and the furniture he created to fill them has also made history. Le Corbusier chairs are iconic mid-century artefacts that remain desirable to this day because of their exceptional quality and important place in the history of furniture design. Le Corbusier was particularly interested in the use of ergonomics in furniture design, so while his chairs are always aesthetically exceptional, they’re also supremely comfortable – perfect for taking centre stage in a busy family home. Browse our collection today and find inspiration for your next interior design project.

Why choose a Le Corbusier chair at Vinterior?

Whether you are looking for an armchair, a recliner or a set of dining chairs, shopping for Le Corbusier chairs on Vinterior gives you access to an enormous range of suitable styles. We feature furniture from over one thousand sellers across the UK, meaning that we have one of the largest selections of Le Corbusier chairs available online. All of the trusted sellers featured on Vinterior are devoted to bringing you the very best vintage furniture on the market.

How to style a Le Corbusier chair

Le Corbusier armchairs are such classic items of design that they draw the eye immediately. The soft, buttery leather against the glossy chrome frame is instantly recognisable as one of the designer’s own. As a heritage piece, they have a chameleon-like quality and are able to work in a variety of settings – from pared back modern lounge spaces to studies that are overflowing with books.

Similarly, the Le Corbusier recliner in animal hide, chrome and enamel makes a stunning addition to any sitting room and has heirloom status for its beauty, functionality and rarity. The comfort afforded by a recliner is unparalleled and it can elevate even the most exceptionally designed room up to a new standard of decoration.

Le Corbusier dining chairs also showcase how utility and aesthetics can be brought together in a single design. Within every Le Corbusier style you will see great attention to detail in the ergonomic design, focus on supreme comfort and beautiful appearance. They don’t even need to accompany a Le Corbusier dining table to make a statement in the home, as they are such classic pieces that they seamlessly fit into virtually any setting alongside a vast combination of different furniture.

Le Corbusier’s signature designs incorporate aesthetic beauty, functionality and intelligence. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in the range of chairs the designer created in his lifetime. If you’d like to see our range of Le Corbusier chairs for yourself, begin your search on Vinterior today and bring a piece of modernist history home with you.

We sell new, too

The iconic status of Le Corbusier furniture means that it is generally accompanied by a high price tag – but if you’d still like to bring a touch of modernism to your home without the expense, we’ve got you covered. We sell new furniture, too, and stock many modernist-inspired pieces, so why not complete your sleek, mid-century sitting room today with a handmade, bespoke Le Corbusier style chair?

Whether you are looking to elevate the style of your dining room or make your home office a more attractive place to be, we’ve got you covered here at Vinterior. Find your inspiration today.