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The very definition of a Renaissance man, Le Corbusier was born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret in Switzerland in 1887. He showed proficiency in art and design from a very young age and during his career as an architect, became instrumental in the development of modernist architecture. As well as his incredibly important contribution to architectural design, Le Corbusier was a practising artist and urban planner, and he also created iconic pieces of furniture that remain incredibly desirable accent pieces for contemporary living. We’re proud to feature many original items of Le Corbusier furniture here at Vinterior, alongside those inspired by the man himself. Browse the range and find the perfect piece for your home.

A bit about Le Corbusier furniture

Renowned for inventively combining natural materials, Le Corbusier was responsible for designing some of the twentieth century’s most enduring pieces of furniture design. Examples of these combinations include leather matched with chrome-plated steel frames in sofa design, and rattan used with highly polished wood to create laid back modernist armchairs. These models are globally sought after for their attachment to his instantly recognisable signature style, their close attention to every detail and the fact that, as icons of furniture production, they do not date. What’s more, Le Corbusier was a great believer in ergonomic design, meaning that his furniture provides optimum comfort to users and makes a perfect addition to any living space. To see why Le Corbusier’s legacy prevails today, search our listings today and discover an array of Le Corbusier chairs, Le Corbusier sofas and other Le Corbusier furniture.

Why choose Le Corbusier furniture at Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we are proud to feature items from a carefully selected group of over one thousand sellers, which means we have one of the widest ranges of vintage and antique furniture in the UK. When you’re in the market for a highly desirable rarity such as a Le Corbusier armchair, it can be difficult to find the perfect piece as items are limited and cheap imitations abound.

Whether you are looking to complete your modernist sitting room with an animal hide recliner finished in glossy chrome and black enamel, or you fancy a neat, two seat leather sofa from the Cassina reissue range, we have many pieces of Le Corbusier seating to choose from. Perhaps you want a modernist dining set crafted from dark, eye catching wood, or a sleek, simple bed frame – whatever you need, searching on Vinterior can yield instant results.

We sell new, too

If you love the style of Le Corbusier but can’t find a piece that matches your design needs or budget, you will also find a number of pieces listed here that are inspired by the man himself. Why not look at our items of brand new, modernist-inspired furniture and see if there’s a piece that will work beautifully in your home? We bypass the average and cherry-pick the finest contemporary manufacturers to list their furniture on Vinterior. These creators are chosen especially for their excellent design skills and high quality craftsmanship so you can shop safe in the knowledge they meet the high standards we expect.

Feeling inspired? Browse our range of Le Corbusier furniture today to add a glorious piece of modernist heritage to your home – or for fabulous, bespoke pieces with a modern twist, have a look at our extensive range of new furniture and fall in love with modernism all over again.