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Mirrors are essential components in so many spaces within the home. No dressing room or bedroom is complete without a large framed mirror, and no mantlepiece looks its best without a beautiful mirror reflecting the room. Browse Vinterior today and discover vintage large framed mirrors that reflect your unique personality and sense of style.

Large framed mirrors in the home

People have been using mirrors for generations. Back in their earliest form, they were made out of polished metal. But from the 1st century AD, glass was also used to make especially effective mirrors. During these early days of mirror use, they were considered to be a luxury item for only the wealthiest families.

It was during the Medieval period that glass blowing was developed. The result was that convex mirrors were created, leading to more widespread use. With the reduced cost of production, mirrors became affordable for almost every family.

Even though the primary function of mirrors has always been a practical one, even the earliest versions were also created with an eye for beauty. Ancient Egyptian mirrors, as an example, had intricate carvings and embellishments. This has continued right up to the present day, with contemporary mirrors often being ornately decorated.

Vintage large framed mirrors bring extra style and character to any home. Not only are they a useful addition to any living room, dressing room or bedroom, they also bring a touch of art into any space.

Why choose large framed mirrors?

There is no “one size fits all” description for large framed mirrors. Their design and appearance always depends on the preferences of the creator and the era during which they were made.

Some feature quite minimalist and simple frames made out of wood or metal, while others feature highly ornate frames with embellishments or carved detailing.

Some large framed mirrors were made specifically for hanging on the wall, while others have been made to be free-standing.

The frame colours may also vary, with some being left in their original metal or wooden state, and others having been painted with a choice of gorgeous colours.

Some vintage large framed mirrors boast particularly unusual designs with distinctive shapes, gilt details or unique materials like bamboo.

Why invest in vintage large framed mirrors?

No home can be complete without a mirror, and even those of us who lack any vanity see need to look at ourselves from time to time! While you could easily find a large mirror in a modern furnishing store, none have the personality and character of a vintage large framed mirror.

Not only does an antique or vintage mirror reflect your image, it also offers a reflection of the past. Every time you see your own face, you’ll also be able to gaze on a piece of furniture with a rich history. An antique or vintage large framed mirror will become a talking point and focal point in your home.

Find large framed mirrors at Vinterior

Whether you’re searching for a stunning antique or vintage large framed mirror to complement the unique character of your boudoir, or whether you’re looking for a gorgeous mirror for your mantelpiece, Vinterior as the ideal item to suit your requirements.

Discover Vinterior’s website today, and find the inspiration you need amongst our collection of spectacular large framed mirrors that will reflect sophistication and elegance.

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