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A large mirror is a vital addition to any home. Whether in a bedroom, dressing room, hallway or lounge, a large brass mirror adds not only an essential focal point to the space but also a wonderful way to reflect light and exude glamour. Browse Vinterior today and discover vintage large brass mirrors to reflect your eclectic personality and unique personal style.

Large brass mirrors in the home

Mirrors have been in existence since the earliest days. In their original incarnation, mirrors were made from polished stones or metals, but during the 1st century AD, the first mirrors made from glass were crafted.

As might be expected, due to the cost and craftsmanship required to produce early mirrors, they were regarded as only luxury items for the very wealthy. Luckily, however, the Middle Ages saw the invention of the art of glass blowing, and this allowed for convex mirrors to be created. The expense of producing mirrors reduced, and with this price drop came more widespread mirror usage, with almost every family having at least one in their home.

While mirrors have always been created primarily for a functional purpose, even very early mirrors were made with beauty in mind. For example, mirrors have been found dating back to the Ancient Egyptians which feature intricately beautiful embellishments and carvings. Even today, modern mirrors often feature lovely decorations.

Vintage large brass mirrors are just the thing to bring character and glamour into your home. Not only can they be a useful addition to any room, they also add an artistic touch to your spaces.

Why choose a large brass mirror?

There can never be a single one size fits all description for vintage large brass mirrors, since their appearance and design varies dramatically depending on their creator’s preferences and the period during which they were crafted.

Some brass mirrors have quite simple and minimalist frames, while others have frames that are beautifully ornate, featuring unusual carved details or embellishments. Explore our online marketplace and you will discover mirrors that are designed for wall hanging alongside others that are designed to stand freely. The shape of the frame also varies, with rectangular and oval shapes being especially popular.

Should I invest in a vintage large brass mirror?

Of course, no home is truly complete without at least one mirror. A large brass mirror comes in handy to check your hair, tie, make-up of contact lenses each day. And it also serves a useful function in reflecting light in a space to create the illusion of extra light and space.

While it’s true to say that large brass mirrors can still be found in contemporary shops, the character and authentic flair of a vintage piece is hard to beat.

While you’re looking at your own image when you look into a vintage or antique mirror, you’re also seeing the past reflected back at you. What could bring more beauty and heritage into your home than a genuine classic mirror?

You can be sure that a vintage or antique large brass mirror will be a focal point of any room.

Find large brass mirrors at Vinterior

Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect vintage or antique large brass mirror that will complement your home’s unique edge? Or perhaps you’re searching for a stunning mirror that will create the illusion of extra space and light in your home while also reflecting history and heritage?

Vinterior has the perfect solution! Discover Vinterior’s range of mirrors today, and you’ll be sure to find the inspiration you have been looking for.

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