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Kitchen Larder Cupboard

As the world becomes more and more modern thanks to technology, transport and social media, there’s something irresistible about embracing traditional farmhouse charm in the home. And how better than by incorporating a generous larder cupboard.

The idea of a store cupboard filled with provisions, home-made jams, hunks of cheese, freshly-baked cakes and home-grown veg is something many of us could can certainly get on board with. The right vintage furniture can help turn these flights of fancy into a reality. Embracing country chic in your kitchen can be as simple as investing in a few statement vintage and antique pieces, including an antique larder cupboard.

Luckily, you’re in the right place to find just that. Discover the impressive range of antique larder cupboards right here at Vinterior.

Why choose an antique freestanding larder cupboard?

The larder had been a staple part of the kitchen space for centuries. In fact, the word itself dates back to the Medieval French term lardier, referring to the preservation of meat joints for the winter by smothering them in lard and potting them in huge barrels. As the years went by, stately homes featured larders full of fish, game, potting meat and other essentials, but the introduction of fridges and freezers seemed to eradicate the need for larders altogether.

Nowadays however, traditional antique larders from the 19th century hold a huge amount of charm and nostalgia which is impossible to deny, making them an unusual yet extremely popular addition to any home.
Larders offer your home a ‘wardrobe for food’, giving you the chance to put all your favourite condiments, sundries and ingredients on display in a truly charming way.

What to look for in an antique larder cupboard

Large Victorian larder cupboards usually feature a set of double doors, giving the item a grand feeling. In some cases, these doors are fitted with glass panels so that the various items within the larder can be displayed proudly.

The more traditional antique larder cupboards will often have been used as storage by housekeepers in stately homes, and as such feature plenty of room for storing a variety of goods, complete with a number of drawers and smaller cupboards to separate goods. Durable woods like pine give these cupboards an ornate yet timeless feel.

Mid Century Larder Cupboards from the 50s and 60s

Flash forward slightly, and you get the more streamlined vintage larder cupboards of the 20th century, including decorative models from the art deco period. These will often feature glass elements as well as bolder colours and even geometric decoration. Even the mid-century saw the creation of vintage larder cupboards, which feature the era’s typical sleek look and modern style.

Incorporating an antique kitchen larder cupboard into your home

A larder cupboard is most at home in the kitchen, where they can be used for their traditional purpose while also bringing a sense of country charm and traditional chicness to the space. However, you can also bring a more ornate larder into the dining room where it can double as a sideboard or storage cupboard, giving the room a more historical feel.

More modern larder cupboards and upcycled models can even be used as bathroom storage or as a place to store books and knick-knacks in the living room.

Why shop for larder cupboards at Vinterior?

Vinterior is the place to come for unique furniture that’s absolutely full of character. Every piece in our collection of thousands is truly one-of-a-kind, with its own amazing history to discover and fascinating story to tell. We specialise in all things antique, vintage, retro, contemporary, bespoke, upcycled and repurposed, with a promise of quality on every item. Find the perfect larger cupboard for your home by exploring the Vinterior collection today.