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High quality wood furniture possesses a certain status which is difficult to describe. For anyone wanting to create a luxury vibe in their home, meticulously finished wooden furniture is one of the subtlest and yet most effective ways to achieve this, all while filling your home with functional items of furniture with a clear purpose. Seeking out great designers is a vital stepping stone to achieving this, and celebrated brands like Konk are a clear example. With a flair for sleek industrial pieces, Konk celebrates the beauty of simplicity. Discover a wide range of original Konk furniture right here at Vinterior.

Konk – bringing design and durability together in harmony

Konk is the brainchild of Alex, an architecture graduate who began making his own industrial furniture on a small scale. Since day one, his focus has been the creation of beautifully finished pieces that use quality materials to stand the test of time. Through determination and talent, Alex turned a beloved hobby into a thriving business, using his passion for great design to expand his team.

One of the aspects of Konk which really makes the brand’s furniture stand out is the materials used. From the very beginning, Konk has been dedicated to the use of the best materials, including sustainably sourced oak, and industrial grade fixings and mild steel. The company only creates pieces from solid wood rather than laminate or veneer, meaning every unique piece of Konk furniture is built to last.

Introducing Konk furniture into your home

The result of these high quality efforts are beautiful pieces of furniture which would feel right at home in a variety of interior settings. The great thing about industrial style is its ability to both stand out and blend in, working wonderfully within modern and traditional environments alike.

A dark walnut wood desk can work fantastically in a home office, boasting a clean silhouette and rustic finish to add a touch of modern flair to the setting. Alternatively, consider using such a piece as a focus-drawing dressing table in the bedroom. A large-scale walnut storage unit can be used as an attractive room divider in an open plan space, giving the room more structure, or against the wall for handy storage in the kitchen. The open shelving in Konk storage units gives you a place to proudly display decorative items like plants, photographs, ornaments and books.

Konk furniture includes TV stands, chests of drawers, bookcases and more, so every room in the home can play host to durable designer industrial furniture.

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So what are you waiting for? Discover just how exciting high quality wood furniture can be by exploring our collection today, and get inspired to transform your own home with unique additions. Browse the Vinterior collection and find a huge selection of Konk furniture to consider.

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