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Every home cook craves more storage in their kitchen; even if you’re blessed with an abundance of space, it’s always handy to have more! Whether it’s for pantry items, saucepans or kitchen equipment, storage space is a big asset in every house. The good news is that there’s a wide range of different types of kitchen cupboard storage available, in addition to what you may already have built it. By getting creative and thinking beyond a fitted kitchen, you could end up with a beautiful design that’s practical too. At Vinterior we have all types of storage available, including kitchen cupboard storage. Browse through our collection online today and find a piece that you simply can’t resist.

What type of kitchen cupboard storage do you need?

It’s very popular to have a sleek fitted kitchen in modern homes but quite often the cupboard space is sorely lacking. By opting to have different types of furniture in your kitchen you could find that not only does your storage increase, but the room looks particularly stylish too.

Here are some of the different types of storage you might want to consider:

Freestanding kitchen island

These work well in larger kitchens where there’s sufficient floor space to accommodate a freestanding island. Providing a place to sit, extra surface area to prepare food plus storage too, kitchen islands are one of the most sought-after items within kitchen decor. The amount of storage you get with an island will depend on the style you choose; some have doors and cupboards while others feature open shelving beneath the surface. At Vinterior, you can not only find heritage pieces that serve as kitchen islands – such as the classic butcher’s block, a reclaimed potting table or even an apothecary unit – but you will also find newly built kitchen islands built to your specifications by expert artisan craftspeople here in the UK.


A dresser is one of the most traditional types of kitchen decor you’ll find and work particularly well in a rustic theme. Plates and other kitchenware can be displayed in the shelving, offering both decoration and practicality combined. In the cupboards below, larger or unsightly items can be stashed neatly away. This could also act as a mini-pantry, extending the area you have to store your food. Here at Vinterior, you will find dressers in a range of sizes and designs from across the centuries.


A dresser is a very large piece of furniture and not all kitchens are big enough to accommodate one. A sideboard is a pared down version of this, offering the storage base without the larger decorative top. Sideboards can be small or large and come in many different styles, not just shabby chic. This makes them a very versatile piece of storage and are used in kitchens as well as other rooms within the home.

Pantry cupboard

If you’re simply looking for more storage and want to maximise the space available, a freestanding pantry cupboard can work extremely well. Attractive yet functional, these come in many shapes and sizes with both open and closed areas so you can choose the option that’s right for your kitchen.

Open shelving

If space is at a real premium in your kitchen and you simply can’t fit any more pieces of furniture in without crowding the room, open shelving could be the solution. Easy, economical and quick to install, you’ll instantly have more storage for whatever you need.

Take your pick of kitchen cupboard storage and shelving at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we’ve got a great selection of kitchen cupboard storage in a range of sizes and styles. From rustic and traditional to chic and sleek, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the storage you’re looking for. Explore our online marketpace now and find the right piece of kitchen storage for you.