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When we consider the greatest contemporary furniture makers in the world, heads often turn towards Britain and Denmark. Whilst Britain flew the flag with Ercol, G Plan and McIntosh, Denmark’s Kai Kristiansen, a protegee of Kaare Klint, is one of the most respected designers to make a name during the mid-20th century. Discover an extensive range of original and upcycled Kai Kristiansen furniture right here at Vinterior. Browse our collection here.

Fashionable yet functional – Kai Kristiansen furniture

Kai Kristiansen was one of the leading names in mid-century Danish modernism. The designer’s focus was on simple and purposeful furniture – a look that is seeing a resurgence as our taste for vintage pieces and a funky, retro aesthetic grows.

Kai Kristiansen created furniture of all styles and he worked for many companies including Feldballes, Magnus Olesen, Andersen Møbelfabrik and other Danish and European design houses and furniture makers. He became a key figure for both corporate and commercial furniture makers, his skills and vision considered indispensable.

One of the hallmarks of Kristiansen’s designs is the extensive use of tropical hardwood which was becoming more easily accessed by the European market at this time. Many Kai Kristiansen pieces are created from teak, which is an extraordinarily tough wood with a superb light-coloured grain. Teak is water resistant, scratch resistant, resistant to sun exposure and resistant to mites and insects. Another key wood used by Kai Kristiansen is rosewood, which is slightly darker in tone and texture. Rosewood also features particularly tough structural qualities.

Among Kristiansen’s most famous designs are the #42 chair – often known as the Z-chair – or his floating wall units. However, his work also includes stunning office desks, gorgeous side tables in rich woods and impressive chests of drawers. While his designs wouldn’t be described as opulent or ornate, the sharp lines and luxurious materials that Kristiansen used can make any space in your home feel more luxurious. In particular, those looking to create a stylish but informal dining room experience may well want to consider mixing and matching Kristiansen chairs to accompany their dining table.

Find Kai Kristiansen furniture at Vinterior

Kai Kristiansen furniture has never fallen out of fashion, but its image has strengthened with the popularity of Scandinavian modernism and minimalism. Homes are becoming less complicated, less ornate and more purposeful in their contents. Everything has its own place, a focus which makes a house feel productive, motivating and useful. Kai Kristiansen furniture can bring this sense of purpose into your home’s decor whilst simultaneously adding a degree of retro sleekness and sophistication. Whether you are looking to embrace Scandinavian trends such as Hygge, want to soften an otherwise ultramodern space, or simply want to give a neutral room a sense of personality, there are many applications for Kai Kristiansen furniture.

Vinterior’s selection of Kai Kristiansen furniture showcases his very best work and the work of those he influenced. Truly timeless, his pieces can change the complexion of a room with a degree of clever subtlety. Discover pieces from Kristiansen and other leading vintage, retro and contemporary designers by browsing Vinterior today.

Why shop vintage?

There are many benefits to shopping for furniture here at Vinterior. By selecting a heritage piece from our listings you are adding something magical and meaningful to the narrative of your home. Rather than buying a mass-produced flatpack piece from our high street, you can instead opt for a piece that will truly catch the eye and act as a conversation starter.

Shopping for pre-loved pieces also contributes to the sustainability of your home. By re-homing a piece from the past you are reducing contributions to landfill and even cutting down on your carbon footprint by reducing the reliance on modern day manufacturing.

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