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If you are a fan of upcycled furniture, you have probably already heard of Jay Blades. The celebrity designer has appeared on TV numerous times over the last few years, having originally appeared with Kirstie Allsopp several years ago before going on to appear on This Morning, The Repair Shop and Money For Nothing. Jay Blades is also known for having co-founded a social enterprise called Out of the Dark, an award-winning organisation which operates with the intention of transforming old furnishings into beautiful contemporary upcycled pieces. Often described as one of the coolest designers in the UK today, Blades specialises in finding antique and vintage pieces which would benefit from a love and attention, turning them into something unique and spectacular. As Blades embraces all kinds of fine traditional furniture, bringing it up to date in a new and exciting way, you can find a variety of amazing pieces that have been given his special treatment. Discover Jay Blades furniture design for yourself at Vinterior, your first stop for gorgeous upcycled furniture that brings a new lease of life into your home.

What to expect from Jay Blades furniture design

Although the pieces of furniture upcycled by Jay Blades naturally vary, there are many elements of Jay Blades furniture design which are consistent throughout every item that he produces.

The signature style of Jay Blades is in his distinctive use of colour to demarcate the piece as something truly special. Often one pompom, one seam or one leg will be differently coloured to the remainder of the piece, and in his own words, Blades declares that colour is his personal brand.

Another element that is evident in most of Blades’ work is the use of expensive fabrics and rich designs. However, usually, it will only be used for a small part of the piece – in some cases, being hidden under the piece itself.

Overall, Blades declares that his furniture is about fun and the joy of creation, and anyone with a love of beautiful upcycled items will love his work.

Is Jay Blades furniture design for me?

There is nothing quite so wonderful as having a bespoke piece of furniture that is truly one of a kind. Jay Blades furniture design makes this a possibility for every homeowner, with unique items that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Apart from offering the outstanding personality and character that no mass-produced piece could hope to copy, the added advantage of Jay Blades’ upcycled pieces is that you can enjoy all of the aesthetic beauty of a contemporary piece with the bones and structure of a true antique or vintage item. Each piece of furniture is chosen for recycling purely for the quality of its raw materials, and this shines through in the final result – a durable and stunning piece that will stand the test of time.

Find Jay Blades furniture design at Vinterior

Whether you are searching for the perfect chair to fit in the corner of your living room or whether you want to create a focal piece for your hallway that will catch the eye of every visitor with its upcycled beauty, a Jay Blades piece is perfect for you. Vinterior have a choice of high quality, one of a kind Jay Blades designed items that are certain to impress and inspire. Browse the Vinterior website today and explore an outstanding collection of Jay Blades furniture.

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