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Simple, artistic elegance is the dream for many people when they are looking for inspiration for their home, and with Industville that is exactly what you get. This creative company focuses on creating high-quality, handcrafted industrial style furniture items, perfectly suited to both sleek modern interior settings and more shabby chic alternatives. If the industrial look is one that appeals to you, browse our Industville collection here at Vinterior now.

Why choose Industville furniture?

With a focus on strong yet stylish materials including brass and raw copper, each item in this collection is built to last. Here at Vinterior, you will find a wide selection of items to consider for your home. A lot of the items here are unique or at the very least boutique, so if you see something you like we recommend being quick as you won’t find huge production runs like the ones you might get from a high street shop.

By taking inspiration from the industrial environments that surrounded them in warehouses and offices, the designers at Industville ensure that they use the sturdiest materials available, offering both style and substance through meticulous design. Strong metals like copper, steel and brass adorn many of the stunning lighting examples on show in this collection, blurring the line between functional furniture and aesthetic grandeur.

Incorporating Industville in your home

If your home is lucky enough to possess an industrial edge with any exposed brick walls or steel beams, Industville can amplify this feeling while also offering luxury. By seamlessly integrating Industville furniture into an already industrial space, pieces of this style become a great way to add character to any room in the house. Alternatively, industrial items can act as a strong statement piece in a more traditional or minimalist environment, as each item creates an extremely unique look by exposing metallic, unrefined and abrasive elements.

No one could call industrial furniture boring, which is why a good way to begin your new industrial style obsession is item by item. Slowly build up your collection piece by piece, visualising where each item will go, and soon you’ll have curated your very own unique living space with as much industrial flair as your home can handle.

Discover old favourites and new additions from Industville at Vinterior

Industville has been a staple of the industrial design movement for years, but this stunning collection is also one which is always growing, so it is well worth keeping an eye out for the new pieces that become available.

As well as producing pieces such as wall sconces, pendant lights, flush mounts and bulbs, there is also an extensive collection of stools and artwork, too. Each piece reflects the brand’s roots as an industrial pioneer, mixing wood and metallics with a healthy dose of imagination

Why shop with Vinterior?

Vinterior is the UK’s leading online marketplace for antique, vintage, artisan and bespoke furniture. We always look for pieces that have genuine character and charm – something that you can guarantee when you look to source a piece by Industville. As well as simply acting as a place to purchase thousands of stunning furniture items, we can also inspire you with your designs. From pairing industrial rawness with shabby chic, to bringing Bauhaus and burgundy together, Vinterior is your one-stop-shop for all things furniture! Take a look at our collection of Industville items today, and begin creating your collection now.