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Times are changing, and what once was a look reserved for large scale loft apartments and commercial spaces is becoming a must-have trend in homes up and down the country. The industrial design trend has transformed interiors of all sizes, providing a versatile design option to keep hallways, lounges, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms on-trend and interesting. Unlike many other trends, the industrial style encourages home improvers or the designers representing them to expose rather than hide the unrefined parts of their interior spaces. Using neutral colours and humble materials, the industrial design isn’t unfinished or cold, it’s modern, innovative and a comfortable place to live. The vintage furniture and accessories we proudly feature here at Vinterior have already helped to make industrially inspired spaces a reality for so many of our customers. Providing all you need to experiment with your furniture choice and embrace the rawest, most beautiful and highest quality materials and designs around, our industrial collection is brimming with inspiration. For those looking to cement this iconic style in any room, our industrial tables provide plenty of food for thought. Shop our industrial table collection now to get started.

Why choose industrial tables?

Featuring side tables that you shouldn’t be without in your industrial living room and bedside tables that would perfectly complement your industrially inspired bedroom to large dining room tables, desks and coffee tables, our collection of industrial tables is particularly extensive. Many of the products you’ll find here are typical of the industrial style, combining wood and metal to deliver the ultimate aesthetic to your home. To capture this utilitarian look further, most of the items our independent boutiques, dealers and sellers provide are vintage or antique, providing the aged effect that adds a true feeling of authenticity to industrial spaces.

The back to basics style is not only interesting to look at and feel. The materials used provide fabulous contrast to give the ‘unfinished’ look the ultimate finish.

Our industrial tables may be mostly simple and neutral in their design but they provide the statement pieces needed to guarantee a real wow factor within your newly decorated home. Going back to basics with an industrial finish is a great way to embrace a simpler way of living, yet adding an unmistakeably cool look at the same time. Our industrial tables look great with the light, neutral tones that are synonymous with this particular scheme. They also provide a versatile option that can mature with you as your tastes change and trends evolve. Our timeless industrial tables are designed in such a way that they’re with you for the long haul making them a great investment for your home.

Another thing that means our industrial tables are excellent additions to your home is their quality. The quality of vintage, antique and reclaimed pieces is after all unrivalled. Unlike many newly manufactured homeware items, our vintage finds and reclaimed creations have been built or hand crafted to last. Each piece comes with an enduring backstory to ensure every vintage furniture investment you make is just as unique, characterful and charming as the last.

Ready to add to your industrial furniture collection? Browse our range of industrial tables to get the look you’ve always wanted. We supply vintage, antique, refurbished and new pieces for your perusal.

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