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The interiors that industrial style produces are often stripped back and nonchalant in their attitude. Yet just as much thought has to go into creating these open-plan, urban looks as it does when crafting any interior design style. Featuring raw textures and materials; scorched, hammered and distressed finishes; and antiqued brass, blackened steel and aged copper, the components that make up industrially inspired spaces are designed to be touched. As well as getting the colour scheme and furniture selection right, your room’s lighting design is integral to capturing the right style. Take a look at the industrial table lamps listed here at Vinterior and you will find a range of lighting solutions that are perfect for your industrial-style living space. Our industrial listings feature the kind of antique, vintage and refurbished items that can really make the difference in your home. Our inspired table lamps provide the final flourish you need to complete your design project, so shop our industrial table lamps now.

Why choose industrial table lamps?

At Vinterior, we understand that in your home no detail is too small. The table lamps we use to decorate our spaces may be miniscule in comparison to larger furniture items like drawers, coffee tables and bookcases, but they play vital roles in defining your desired interior design scheme. In spaces destined to be modern and industrial, it’s the finer details that make the look as authentic and original as possible.

Our industrial collection features vintage industrial light fixtures that are often repurposed and reimagined. Whether it’s an old machinist’s lamp taken from an early 20th century British factory or a heavy-duty vintage Bakelite lamp sourced the warehouses of Eastern Europe, your choice is endless. And that’s not to mention the handcrafted pieces made by modern designers that use reclaimed and refurbished lamps to create something entirely new and industrial. Each unique table lamp you will find comes courtesy of the 1000+ of independent boutiques, dealers, craftspeople and sellers we collaborate with.

Whether you own a city pad, country pile or a more conventional family home in the suburbs, making the industrial look work for you and transforming the spaces within your home is all possible through the careful placement of accessories like table lamps.

Why Vinterior?

As our name suggests, we adore all things vintage, and our range of industrial table lamps backs up this ethos. With our vintage collection you have the means to incorporate a number of unique, characterful and charming additions to your home. By purchasing a vintage, antique or artisan piece from us, you’re buying a backstory and ensuring that the tale of the item can continue to be told for years or even decades to come.

Our industrial lighting range features hundreds of new and refurbished items to complete your interior look. We only advertise new items that encapsulate the vintage feel to ensure you can have the quality you want and the aged effect you love. Our reclaimed and upcycled items also deliver bags of character, using craftsmanship to guarantee a stunning and distinctive artisan appearance. New, used or refurbished, buying a vintage-inspired or antique item from us means a high quality addition to your home.

Discover the inspiration, ideas and items required to complete your industrial look right here at Vinterior. Shop our industrial table lamps today to get started.

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