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Let there be light! It can be all too easy to overlook the importance of light in the home, but when we look closer at how the right level of both natural light and electric light can impact on a space, it reminds us that illumination should never be far from our minds. Good interior design provokes a response. And we know from scientific research that light can play a significant role in our personal mood. On that basis, every home deserves to be lit in style. And finding attractive, practical and unique lighting solutions can be a fun undertaking. Industrial light fixtures are one of the best ways to bring a raw and edgy feel into your home, without sacrificing practicality. This school of design has grown in popularity over recent years, and you’ll find a huge selection of vintage and retro industrial lighting here at Vinterior. Enjoy browsing our collection today.

Why choose vintage industrial lighting?

Industrial style is all about keeping things stripped back. This takes a lot of courage, as industrial furniture often celebrates the aspects of a design which many other styles would try to cover up. But by exposing every weld, bolt and blemish in texture in a light fixing, you can successfully achieve a raw and edgy style that will fill your home with personality and a sense of identity. Some of the most common elements of industrial design are found in the way these items turn structural elements into showpieces. Exposed metal, unfinished wood, mechanical elements and worn upholstery are all quintessentially industrial – culminating in a look that is both cohesive and chic.

And nowhere are these elements more dramatic than in industrial style lighting. Industrial lighting can be as minimalist or as grand as your tastes desire, featuring everything from large-scale commercial chandeliers, teeming with traditional elegance, to repurposed theatre lamps and simple dome pendant shades. Consider what style would work best in your home.

Despite its freshness, and its reputation as a growing trend, industrial furniture is not a newcomer to the design scene. In fact, vintage furniture and industrial furniture go hand in hand, as the characterful elements which are so common in vintage designs really help to bring out a sense of rustic charm in industrially styled settings. This is especially true when it comes to lighting, as vintage chandeliers which have been repurposed from commercial settings are just one example of how antique furniture can help to bring a touch of elegance to an industrial environment.

Why Vinterior?

At Vinterior, we believe that furniture, fixtures and fittings should be about character and identity. We specialise in premium vintage, antique and artisan furniture with its own history and backstory, so no matter what style and era you’re interested in, you’re guaranteed to be filling your home with a high quality piece. Vintage furniture is the smart choice for anyone looking for home additions which are durable, reliable and sustainable as well as stylish.

We feature new pieces, too!

Of course, appreciating the old does not mean we ignore the new. Many of the leading industrial brands and designers continue to create new pieces of furniture to this day, and this is something we also accommodate in our vast collection of furniture items. So even if you are more of a fan of modern furniture pieces, you can find what you’re looking for at Vinterior.

No one should make the mistake of seeing lighting as a purely practical aspect of your interior design. Your light fixtures deserve to shine in their own right as an attractive addition to any space, and opting for an industrial style is a great way to do just that. You’ll find all this and more here at Vinterior, so take the time to be inspired by our extensive collection today.

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