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Seating is arguably the most important aspect to consider when furnishing your home. It is the element which not only has a profound impact on how a space looks and feels but is also tasked with delivering genuine comfort and relaxation. This makes choosing the right seating an important task, and more and more people are choosing to invest in stunning industrial designs to meet the challenge. The iconic and distinctive style associated with industrial furniture makes it a worthy choice for anyone looking to fill their home with unique and inspiring seating. You’ll find a wide variety of attractive industrial chairs and sofas at Vinterior, so enjoy browsing our collection today.

What to look for from vintage industrial seating

Industrial furniture is a bold option, encouraging buyers to make brave decisions about their seating – decisions that can really pay off when you find the perfect piece. Industrial furniture proudly displays elements that many other styles try to hide. Fixings, hinges, nuts, bolts, welds and that which one might otherwise consider to be an imperfection is proudly showcased in the world of industrial furniture.

But there is a real charm and character to untreated woods and exposed metallic details that gives a raw sense of presence to industrial seating solutions. Think earthy tones, wood, metal and utilitarian objects.

It may surprise you just how homely industrial sofas and chairs can feel. From the worn upholstery of a Chesterfield chair to the texture and shape of a machinist’s stool, industrial chairs can provide a pleasing effect in living spaces. Chairs and sofas from the industrial school of style may include features such as brown leather, rosewood frames and metallic stud details.

Industrial furniture has been a staple of furniture design for decades, and many people choose to seek out their industrial home additions from a vintage source – such as a repurposed bench from a warehouse or a mid-century desk chair from an old school. It is the story behind each of these items that has the power to give character to even the most modern of home spaces.

Vintage seating and other industrial items you’ll find at Vinterior are also a smart, ethical choice for furniture shoppers, as well as a stylish one. Vintage furniture is known for being durable and high quality, often lovingly handcrafted and built to stand the test of time. Also, thanks to a focus on upcycling and repurposing, buying vintage furniture doesn’t have the same impact on the environment when compared with new, high street furniture items that have been newly manufactured and shipped.

Buy new with Vinterior

If you like the idea of industrial chairs and sofas for your living room or dining room but don’t want a vintage piece, fear not. There are many brands and designers producing seating with an industrial vibe in the present day. Browse our online marketplace and you will find many eye-catching pieces that make up for a lack of history with a focus on quality and design.

Are you looking for a stunning piece of industrial furniture to bring something special to your home design? Or perhaps you’re only looking for inspiration for when the time is right to invest? Either way, enjoy exploring the vast collection of furniture available at Vinterior.

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