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The industrial trend has sat centre stage in the interior design world in recent years. An excellent design direction for modern homes looking to add texture and older houses wishing to add edge, the industrial movement has transformed properties of all sizes and from all eras. The industrial design trend is a bold look and it demands a fair amount of courage to bare every nut, bolt and weld of your furniture choices. Raw and edgy, the industrial style is certainly a head turner, but it’s not the basic and super chic colour schemes that are the show stoppers. The industrial furniture and accessories that help create the look are where the trend is really at. Your industrial lighting scheme in particular can help you achieve that unfinished finish. As our industrial pendant lighting options prove, there’s plenty of inspiration to be drawn from the commercial spaces, warehouses and factories that the industrial style idealises. Shop industrial pendant lighting today at Vinterior and find the lighting accessories you need to celebrate this iconic look.

Why choose industrial pendant lighting?

Modern industrial design offers a coarse but compelling look that’s desirable to people from all walks of life. Whatever your interior design budget, you can make this cutting edge and creative style work for you. Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme (navy blues, greys, whites and stones work well in industrially inspired spaces), it’s time to get shopping for those all-important, trend-defining furniture pieces and accessories.

There are a number of larger furniture items that you’ll want to invest in but it’s often the smaller, more essential pieces that have the potential to make the biggest impact. Embracing industrial lighting options, like our industrial pendant lighting products, is a must and will help you make your industrial-style interior extra authentic and interesting.

Industrial pendant lighting is extremely popular. You’re likely to have seen many industrial house design ideas use pendant light fixtures to add interest to the wider look. Even minimalist industrial schemes use pendant lighting to nail the style down to the very last detail. Most industrial pendant lighting options use contrasting metal finishes to ensure an element of drama for interiors big and small. Other schemes add a more rustic twist by throwing natural materials like wood into the mix. Whatever combination of materials catches your eye, considering both form and function is the key to creating an industrial design scheme that works in a modern home.

Pendant lighting is used in some room types more than others. Industrial kitchens and dining rooms are popular haunts for the pendant design. In these rooms, the hanging pendant provides ambient light and a focused spot for everyday activities like reading. Pendant lights can also be used to shine the spotlight on other industrial furniture pieces. The appearance of your dining room table, for example, will benefit from the placement of industrial pendant lighting above – as will a kitchen island or breakfast bar.

Why choose a pre-loved piece?

We can’t mention industrial interior design without referring to the vintage finds and reclaimed wonders that make creating the look possible. The benefits of buying vintage, antique or refurbished industrial lighting are many, with the backstory, character and uniqueness only adding to the look.

Find the lighting inspiration you need to finish your industrial design project with a flourish here at Vinterior. Shop our industrial pendant lighting now.

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