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Industrial furniture may be seen by many as a growing trend, but the truth is that the demand for raw and unrefined pieces has been around for many years. And for many people, lighting is the best place to start when it comes to filling your home with the rustic charm of industrial design. Lighting is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to home design, and opting for industrial lighting can really transform your home into a unique space. Browse the collection of industrial fixtures and fittings here at Vinterior for inspiration.

Go retro with industrial light fixtures

There was once a time when industrial furniture was reserved for factories and warehouses. This furniture was all about function and less about aesthetics, but it is this purely practical origin which gives the industrial furniture of the 20th century and beyond its organic, rustic charm. Today, industrial furniture is one of the most desirable and coveted looks for any home, having the power to bring individuality to all properties from urban apartments to suburban estates. Industrial style can be used as either all-encompassing décor or to bring the odd pop of personality to a space that would otherwise be considered neutral.

Industrial style utilises features such as exposed wood and metal, unfinished materials and mechanical elements. And this method of proudly displaying an unrefined ‘warehouse chic’ effect works particularly well when it comes to light fixtures. The signature rustic, rough and in many ways masculine style associated with industrial lighting can help blend the boundaries between your home’s decorative fitting and necessary fixtures.

Take, for example, a pendant lamp. To achieve an industrial finish you may wish to opt for a traditional caged lamp on a chain linked pendant. These flashes of metal – often in copper or steel – give a real sense of solidity and purpose to a room. For a cooler but equally impactful finish, why not instead select a concrete pendant – perfect for hovering over kitchen islands of marble or granite.

Why Vinterior

Vinterior specialises in only the most premium vintage, artisan and antique furniture solutions, offering thousands of items of furniture each with their own individual charm, history and backstory. With hundreds of industrial lighting items to browse through, we can help you bring an unrivalled sense of personality into your home. The many varied and diverse vintage pieces you will find listed on our online marketplace all represent a commitment to reuse and repurposing, making them sustainable alternatives to modern, mass-manufactured fixtures.

You’ll find industrial German factory pendants, repurposed industrial spotlights, explosion proof bunker lamps and Bauhaus porcelain shades at Vinterior, but we don’t just feature vintage items in our collection. Our range of industrial items also includes many newer additions from some of the world’s most celebrated creators of industrial lights. These more contemporary options still contain all the character of our antique light fixtures, while also allowing us to stay up to date with current trends and demands. So whether you’re a fan of traditional style or today’s style, there is something for you at Vinterior.

As the number one marketplace for vintage, antique, retro and artisan furniture on the web, Vinterior is the perfect place to find inspiration for your lighting overhaul. Whether you’re actively looking or just browsing, you are in the right place. Explore our collection today.

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