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If you are looking to completely change the way your home looks and feels in one swift motion, arguably the most effective way to do so is to change up your lighting. We often underestimate the sheer power of the influence light has over our interior design, affecting everything from colour and space to atmosphere and mood. If you do decide to change your light fittings, why not think outside the box? The statement style of industrial design could be exactly what your home needs. Get inspired today by exploring the vast collection of industrial lights right here at Vinterior.

Why choose vintage industrial light fittings for your home?

Industrial lights are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to elevate their interior spaces with an edgy and unapologetic sense of style. There are many eye-catching elements that define industrial furniture design, including the use of exposed hardware, unfinished metals, raw wood, distressed finishes and factory inspired elements. Repurposed items are also frequently featured in industrial items, and all of these different characteristics come together to create an utterly unique look of sleek urban chic.

When it comes to light fittings, opting for an industrial look can help you achieve something really interesting without having to sacrifice how much light you allow into the room. That’s because much of the charm of industrial light fittings comes from what they don’t cover up, and what is left exposed. Industrial pendants, bunker lamps and Polish inspired elements can all give your home a fashionable factory feel without taking away the all-important functionality of your light fittings.

Industrial inspired furniture and light fittings are available across the home design market. Yet the growing number of faux industrial and mass-produced pieces rarely hold the same charm and personality as genuine vintage industrial pieces – items that have previously had a home in industrial settings or have been designed from materials that have a rich history in warehouses, factories, mid-century schools or similar.

Both vintage and industrial furniture have a strong focus on repurposing and upcycling, so when you choose lighting which is both vintage and industrial, you’re choosing a home solution which is both stylish and sustainable. Here at Vinterior we pride ourselves on providing only the most premium furniture solutions which are full of character. Every one of our items has its own backstory, which you can be part of when you invest.

Find future vintage pieces at Vinterior, too

Of course, quality knows no time period. As well as a huge selection of vintage, retro and antique lighting, you’ll also find a significant number of new furniture additions and light fittings in the Vinterior collection. Industrial furniture has been a popular home solution for decades, but many of the leading brands and designers continue to create new industrial inspired pieces to this day – and you’ll find many of these in the extensive collection of furniture here at Vinterior.

Bring a little light into your home by exploring our range of industrial lights and light fitting today. You’re sure to get inspired by the wide variety of styles and items to be discovered, and you may even find the perfect unique light fittings for your home. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing today.

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