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The industrial trend has created spaces that are truly beautiful and inspiring. Even family homes and flat pack fans are coming round to the edgy elegance of industrial interior design, meaning spaces of all sizes and uses are being transformed with metal, wood and an appreciation for all things engineered and mechanical. The industrial trend however wouldn’t be the same without the unique furniture items and imaginative lighting installations. The thoughtfully designed pieces you’ll see in our collection, particularly in our lighting range, merge function and style to guarantee great results for the properties they’re being added to. Our industrial lamps may be small, but they provide an instant injection of authenticity in industrially inspired spaces. Indeed, it is in the small touches like lamps and mirrors that you can elevate the look of your living areas or private spaces to a new level. Shop our range of industrial lamps today.

Why choose industrial lamps?

We’ve always loved industrial design and the beautifully crafted pieces that make it possible. Our industrial lighting products in particular complement the neutral tones, utilitarian look, and wood and metal finishes that the industrial style is known and loved for. Industrial lamps, whether wall mounted, standing or hanging, deliver iconic options for spaces big and small. Available in a vast range of styles and colours, industrial lamps are so much more than decorative objects. They’re highly versatile and functional, brightening dark spaces to ensure your industrially inspired room delivers on a practical level as well as in the style stakes.

In an industrially designed space, your lighting choice has to do more than simply brighten the room. Our industrial lamps provide brilliant décor options for hallways, entryways, large rooms and outdoor areas, and enrich each area’s charm and character in the process. For example, wall mounted, gooseneck sconces offer an easy to install, on-trend option for illuminating artwork, family pictures and table displays.

It is the soft lighting options that often have the most impact in your home. Having a table lamp or uplighter on instead of your main room light can help to create a sense of romance, intimacy, or just calmness at the end of a long day.

Why keep it vintage when you buy industrial?

While modern manufacturers and high street stores have embraced the industrial trend, there really is no substitute for the real thing if you are looking to add to the narrative of your interior design. A repurposed lamp taken from a warehouse or factory floor just has that extra touch of magic to it than a replica that has come straight off the production line.

Buying vintage, antique or reclaimed is an investment well worth making. Our decorative and functional industrial lamps deliver so much more than a route to getting the industrial look. The vintage and refurbished pieces our independent designers, dealers and boutiques supply unlock charm and charisma that’s unmatched. It is also a great way to make your home environment that little bit more sustainable as you will be helping to avoid pieces from ending up in landfill.

New can be good, too

While we’re lovers of all things vintage, antique and reclaimed, we do feature new items here at Vinterior. Many of our sellers feature products that really demonstrate a commitment to style, quality and craftsmanship. Hand distressing is a technique used by many of the craftspeople who create the new industrial lamps you’ll find in our lighting range. High gloss industrial lamps also feature for those looking for a more polished look.

Find the industrial lighting inspiration, ideas and products you need to illuminate your interior at Vinterior. Our collection of industrial lamps and lighting options is ready and waiting to be explored. Shop industrial lamps today.

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