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They say that home is where you hang your hat. But we think that it’s really all about where you drape your coat. Given that your coat rack is one of the first things you see each day when you enter your home, we think that you should never overlook the style and sense of comfort it can provide. Whether it’s freestanding in your porch or a fixed coat rack in your under-stairs cupboard, you would be surprised at how much a coat rack can add to your home. Among the most popular coat racks of the moment is the vintage industrial coat rack. If you are looking to set an industrial tone in your home – be it an apartment or detached house – browse our extensive collection here at Vinterior today.

Why choose an industrial coat rack?

If your hallway is somewhat bland and your family’s belongings spend much of their time dumped on the floor or flung over the banister, a coat rack is clearly the answer for you. But while the functionality of a coat rack is, of course, essential, there really is no reason why it shouldn’t enhance the aesthetic of your porch, hallway or corridor. In fact, with an industrial coat rack or coat hooks you can immediately add a sense of fun and edginess to the entranceway of your home.

Introducing an industrial coat rack to your home

Industrial coat racks are typically made from wood, metal or a combination of both. Browse our listings and you will see that an industrial coat rack can fall into a number of different categories. First of all, you should decide if it is a freestanding coat rack or wall mounted rack that you need in your home – this will often be dictated by the space that you have available.

Secondly, you will find that industrial coat racks can either be salvaged, upcycled or completely new and bespoke. Among our most popular coat racks are those reclaimed from schools and factories. In some cases these are complete coat hooks and shoe racks with a bench for sitting on as you tie up your shoelaces (or undo them at the end of a long day).

Similarly, you will also find examples of beautiful vintage railway carriage luggage racks and coat rails. Not only are these well crafted and durable, but they really do add a sense of intrigue to a hallway that would otherwise just be filled with the usual pictures on the wall or perhaps a mirror.

From aluminium to brass to reclaimed oak, there are many salvaged materials that can be used to create the industrial look. One of our particular favourites is the use of old brass taps or copper piping attached to a wooden backboard. Your guests won’t be able to help noticing your attention to detail as they hang their coat on a tap affixed to your wall whenever they visit.

An industrial coat rack, as we mentioned, will often show signs of age and use. Their chips, scrapes and marks don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. They can add authenticity and character to the piece and you and your visitors will be able to tell that the coat rack has an interesting story of where it came from. Was it used in a famous local factory that closed down? Or was it part of an old bomb-making factory during the war? Whatever its origins, it will be a unique piece to decorate your entrance hall with.

There’s also an environmental benefit to buying an industrial coat rack. You are increasing demand for these used materials. This means you decrease demand for new coat racks to be made in harmful ways with new materials.

Buy industrial coat racks with Vinterior?

If you want to get your hands on an industrial coat rack, explore our online marketplace now. We work with trusted and recognised sellers, so you can be assured of authenticity and quality. Our marketplace can also be a fantastic resource for inspiration and get your interior creativity flowing.

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