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When we think of chandeliers, most of us conjure up images of opulence and grandeur courtesy of the crystal adorned creations that have become commonplace on the interior design scene in recent years. The chandelier is certainly the leading lady in the lighting world, but whilst they look the part, they’re also particularly challenging fixtures to choose. Adding style and glamour to an interior, chandeliers have become a part of many individuals’ home décor. Those looking for a grittier and more cutting edge look however, may think there’s no place for a chandelier in their scheme. That’s where they’re wrong. Shop our industrial chandeliers today and discover an inspiring new look for your home.

Industrial chandeliers and the industrial look

The industrial design trend has become extremely popular since its introduction. With its basic and utilitarian look and feel, many people are unsure about where a chandelier fits in. After all, isn’t chandelier design about so much more than dripping crystals and gilded metalwork? Our industrial chandeliers offer an excellent alternative for individuals looking to embrace the beauty of the chandelier design, whilst complementing the unfinished and highly sought-after industrial look.

Chandeliers are designed to be as show stopping as possible. Yes, they may be difficult to clean but traditional chandeliers look great and add a stunning focal point to any room within the home. Thanks to their popularity and the emergence of new trends, the face of the chandelier is changing. Chandeliers are now available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, shades and finishes to ensure colour palettes and design schemes of all types can be successfully and confidently complemented. The industrial trend has taken chandelier lighting to a whole other level of interesting.

Incorporating industrial chandeliers in the home

All of the industrial chandeliers featured at Vinterior sport angular designs and ornate details that not just complement but complete the industrial look. Many designs even use reclaimed and repurposed industrial parts to ensure an original and iconic look. Vintage designs feature heavily throughout our collection of industrial chandeliers. Offering unrivalled quality and originality, our vintage industrial chandeliers may be old – some even hail from the mid-century – but they’ve been lovingly cared for and restored to tell their story for many more years to come.

The use of reclaimed wood and metal is also prevalent throughout our industrial chandelier range. Mixing natural with man-made ensures that rustic feel, and it’s not uncommon for those with older properties to use these pieces to bring a touch of industrial to more traditional setups.

Shop for vintage industrial chandeliers with Vinterior

Whether it’s a reclaimed or pristine mid-century lighting fixture that’s caught your eye, there is a huge wealth of choice for you here at Vinterior. With more than 1,000 independent boutiques and dealers in our national network there is nowhere better for you to find the heritage piece that you want and need.

Remember, too, that we proudly showcase new, industrial-inspired lighting options for those looking to find quality, character, charm and a stunning finish. While we love heritage light fixtures there are some incredible contemporary light makers creating the vintage pieces of the future – so don’t forget to check those out.

Here at Vinterior, our collection of industrial lighting includes fixtures and fittings in various colours, materials, textures and designs. From industrial chandeliers, pendant lights and floor lamps to industrial wall lights, sconces and table lamps, our extensive lighting range provides all you need to bring the industrial look to life in your home.

Browse our industrial lighting range and find the one-of-a-kind industrial chandelier you need to create a real focal point in your home.