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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. So, it is important that every addition you make to your décor and interior design helps to make it look and feel like a haven. No matter your style, one of the most powerful aspects at your disposal for creating a relaxing bedroom environment is lighting. The right bedside lamps can help your bedroom meet your demands and expectations in style. Whether you prefer table lamps or wall sconces, for many people the obvious choice for stylish and effective bedside lamps is to go industrial. The signature boldness of industrial lighting can help add interest to your bedroom without sacrificing function. If you’re looking for statement bedside lamps, browse the vast collection of options at Vinterior today.

Choosing vintage industrial bedside lamps

Repurposing and upcycling are at the heart of what industrial furniture is all about, and lighting is no exception. Taking objects out of their industrial setting and incorporating it into your home environment can be an incredibly rewarding thing – particularly if you are repurposing an item that once had a very different role. For example, industrial chic can mean taking a work bench and turning into a stylish coffee table; rehoming an aeroplane seat in your lounge; or restyling an old tool chest as a filing cabinet.

But what about lighting? Factory lights, spotlights, bunker lights and wall mounted scissor lamps can all be transformed into stylish bedside tables to really add something special to any bedroom environment. Even in a room that is otherwise neutral and calm, it is possible to add that extra touch of class and character by purchasing a vintage machinist’s table lamp or perhaps an old banker’s desk lamp complete with cast iron base and green enamel shade.

The key aspect of industrial design comes from its ability to celebrate the features of furniture that many other interior styles would try to hide – such as raw wood, untreated metals, exposed mechanics, rust, worn upholstery and even general wear and tear. The signs of use present on industrial bedside lamps are what make them such an exciting and interesting home addition.

By investing in vintage lighting from Vinterior, you are adding to that item’s backstory and bringing something into your home which is completely unique. You can bask in the knowledge that no other home possesses the same furniture as yours.

New designs in an industrial style

Upcycling and the repurposing of items has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. Here at Vinterior we feature listings from a number of artisan designers who have created bedside table lamps from a host of unusual and unexpected industrial items. Take, for instance, a lamp crafted from an old copper army bugle or a lamp made from a classic car headlight. You’ll find all these and more on our online marketplace.

Our collection of industrial lamps for your bedside also includes painted working lamps, repurposed medical lamps, industrial bulkhead wall lights and many more. Whether you prefer traditional or modern designs, an industrial bedside lamp is a sure-fire way to inject a healthy dose of personality into your bedroom.

You could spend all day browsing the collection of bedside lamps from Vinterior, and that’s exactly what we suggest you do! With so many options available in our marketplace, this is the perfect place to get inspired for changing up your lighting. But remember, once our unique items are gone, they are gone. Find the perfect lights for your bedroom in the Vinterior collection today.

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