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Lighting should sometimes enter the spotlight itself. A hallway, lounge or dining room can look truly magnificent when adorned with iconic lights.

All too often in interior design, lighting is used simply as a way to highlight other features of the home. A standing lamp is used to highlight an armchair, spotlights to draw the eye towards a kitchen island, and wall lights to show off a picture or other wall decor. Unless it's a chandelier, lighting is nearly always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

That's where antique and vintage iconic lighting comes in. Fill your house with bright, charming pieces of decor that both light up your home and bring some much needed personality to the space, whether it's simple or colourful, elegant or kitsch. Visit Vinterior today to see our stunning collection of iconic lights for yourself.

What to look for in a vintage iconic light for your home or office

The main benefit vintage iconic lights have over mass-produced modern alternatives is of course, character. Each one of Vinterior's iconic lights is a one-of-a-kind, handmade marvel, which is sure to fill your home with personality, as well as good lighting. Modern pieces just don't have the same history either. Imagine having a light that once sat in a London flat in the swinging sixties, or an old antique shop in the 70s. That's the kind of legacy you get with historical furnishings.

Incorporating vintage iconic lights into your home

Think about the areas of your home that could do with a little lightening up, as well as a little brightening up. Perhaps you have a home study whose desk just doesn't inspire you to get to work, or maybe your child's bedroom just doesn't reflect their creative, energetic personality. It's these areas that will benefit the most from a vintage iconic light. Jazz up that desk with a beautiful desk lamp that fits in with the surrounding decor, but which also grabs attention, whether it's a metal space-age globe, or a battery lamp that would have come in handy during the Blitz.

For your child's bedroom, introduce some whimsy with a light shaped like a tree, or a bright pink lamp with a hand-painted shade. A modern dining room could be given some much needed character with a mid century modernist overhead feature light, and a dull living room can be totally revitalised with an elegant Art Deco standing lamp. Iconic lights give you the opportunity to have fun, and get creative with your interior design choices.

Choosing a period iconic light

One of the key benefits of going vintage is how well-made the lighting is. A lamp could be decades old, and yet it is still in perfect working order, proof of how much work and attention went into its construction. This is often because a piece was made using durable materials that are less popular in the cost-conscious machine-manufactured world we live in today.

Why shop for vintage iconic lights at Vinterior?

Vinterior is one of the largest vintage furniture marketplaces on the web. We are dedicated to preserving historical pieces for the enjoyment of future generations, working with only verified sellers, and providing excellent customer service. Whether a light is two years old, or fifty, as long as it is beautiful, well-made, and full of character, you can find it here among our listings. The right iconic light for you is waiting in the Vinterior collection. Visit our range today to see our stunning selection, and get ready to be inspired.